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Drag Me Away (From You) is the 16th episode of Season 15. It aired on October 22, 2020.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean are asked to investigate the murder of a childhood friend, calling them back to a motel from their past and perplexing the brothers with a case they thought was solved a long time ago.


A man, Travis Johnson, pulls up to the Rooster's Sunrise Hotel in Wadsworth. He goes to the front desk and tells the clerk, Gwen, who he is and that he reserved 214. When Gwen asks him if he's been there before, Travis says that he was there a long time ago. Gwen gives him the room key to 214 and welcomes him back. He takes the key and goes to the room, tells himself that he can do it, and passes through the door.

The hotel room is seemingly normal, and Travis takes a bottle of alcohol out of his bag and takes a drink. He gets a text on his cell phone and ignores it, then says that it was never real" and it will only be one night. The closet door opens and a boy comes out, and Travis turns to face him. The boy, a ghostly younger version of Travis, asks Travis if he remembers him. Travis falls to the floor in shock, dropping his bottle and insists that the boy isn't real.

The ghost asks Travis if he remembers him, and says that he remembers Travis. The boy picks up the broken bottle, advances on Travis, says "Boo", and Travis screams and kills himself with the bottle

Sam and Dean drive the seven hours to Wadsworth, and Dean tells Sam that he can't believe they're going back there. They both know Travis as a friend, and Dean says that the apparent suicide is sad. Sam points out that they don't' have much to do with Chuck off-world and Jack waiting in the bunker for Billie's orders. When Sam wonders why Castiel left without a word, Dean claims to know nothing.

Dean gets a text and ignores it when Sam complains about him texting and driving. The next day, they pull up to the hotel and get out of the car.

January 1993

John drops a young Sam and Dean off at the hotel, and Dean notices that Sam has something tucked under his jacket. He finally grabs it and discovers that it's book on American colleges. Sam insists that "normal people" go to college, but Dean tells him that they're not "normal people", and that colleges won't accept Sam because he's never been to a regular school and that their life as Hunters is the only life they'll have.

The Winchesters go into room 219, and Sam sits on the bed and contemplates the book. He finally takes Hunting weapons out of his duffel and puts them on the bed.

Dean goes to the vending machines and gets a candy bar by pounding the machine. A girl Caitlin and her little brother Travis come up behind Dean, and Caitlin asks Dean to show her how he got the candy. Caitlin introduces herself and Travis. Dean shows Caitlin how to "hack" the machine, and Caitlin says that their mom works their on the cleaning crew, and knows all about cars


Dean and Sam go to the hotel restaurant and find an adult Caitlin waiting for them. She greets them and they offer condolences about her brother's death. They all sit down and Caitlin says that Travis had a rocky life after they left. He got drunk and couldn't hold down a job, and finally underwent therapy on Caitlin's advice. It helped at first, but then Travis' doctor started prying about what happened there. Travis said that he had to face his fears and checked into room 214.

Caitlin says that the funeral was a week ago, and apologizes to telling the brothers it was later than it was. Sam wonders why Caitlin wants them there, and she says that she thinks "she" is back.

The Past

Travis works on the vending machine following Dean's advice, but can't get it to work. Finally a bar drops down in the machine, but when he goes to get it a hand grabs his hand. Travis yells for help, and Caitlin and Dean run up as Travis sees a woman reflected in the glass.


The brothers and Caitlin go to room 214 and Sam checks for electromagnetic readings. Dean has checked the coroner's report and tells Caitlin that it confirms that Travis apparently killed himself. Caitlin insists that Travis wouldn't have killed himself , and Sam says that there's nothing there that is their kind of "thing". Dean suggests that Travis coming there sent him over the edge.

The Past

In room 214, Travis insists that he's not crazy. Dean calls Bobby and confirms John is two days out of range. He tells Travis that he believes him, and tells Caitlin that monsters are real and they Hunt them. Sam confirms Dean's claim, and Dean asks Caitlin if other people have seen things.

Caitlin and Travis take the brothers to a nearby playground, where posters for missing kids are posted. She says that kids have gone missing for weeks.


Dean tells Caitlin that the thing isn't there. He points out that the monster preys on kids, and Caitlin confirms that there aren't any missing or dead kids in town. Dean insists that he killed the monster.

The Past

Back at the hotel, Caitlin takes the others to a storage room, locks the doors, and goes through local newspaper. They determine that that the disappearances have all occurred near the abandoned town cannery. Dean figures that he can kill whatever it is, and Sam warns that John wouldn't like him going off without more research. When Caitlin says that she wants to go, Dean tells them all that none of them have been on a Hunt before and he's got it.

That night, Dean breaks into the cannery. Caitlin comes up behind him and she says that she's not leaving. They go in through the gate and further into the building.

At the hotel, Sam and Travis play boggle. Sam assures Travis that Dean will kill the monster, whatever it is.

Dean and Caitlin continue exploring the cannery. Caitlin points out that Dean seems scared, and he denies it. They come to a pile of rubble and Dean goes ahead to check it. He finds a key to 214 and then something else, but tells Caitlin that he saw nothing and quickly leads her out.

The Boggle cubes shake, and Sam and Travis retreat. The shaking stops and then the dice explode out of the tray and the lights go out. Dean and Caitlin come in as the monster attacks Travis. Dean cuts its fingers off with his Hunting knife, and first the fingers disappear and then the ghostly woman. The lights come back up, and Caitlin hugs Travis.


The Baba Yaga appears to Dean as a younger version of himself

Dean walks down the hallway and hears something behind him. He turns but whoever was there is gone. When Dean turns back aground, he sees a teenage ghost, a younger version of himself, at the other end of the hallway. The ghost moves down the hallway, tells Dean that he's been waiting for him, and says that Dean knows what he has to do. Dean looks at the knife in his hand, and the ghost says that he failed. As Dean drops to his knees, putting the knife to his stomach as the ghost tells him to say hello to Travis.

Sam arrives and the young Dean disappears. The knife in Dean's hand is gone, and Dean tells Sam that Caitlin is right.

Later, the brothers meet Caitlin at a nearby bar and Dean tells her what happened. He blames himself for thinking he killed the monster, and Travis died as a result. Sam figures they need to figure out what the monster is, and Caitlin points out that the female ghost made a game of tormenting Travis. They figure the ghost can look like whoever it wants, and Sam goes to check out the lore. Before he goes, Dean says that the monster keeps a nest and he saw it when he was a kid.

Caitlin realizes that Dean saw the bodies in the cannery, and Dean admits that he's never seen anything like that so he never told Sam. He phoned in the authorities and tried to forget it, and had nightmares for years. Dean goes to get some food while Sam and Caitlin hit the lore.

Billie appears next to Dean at a diner, informing him that Chuck is done destroying the other worlds

At a diner, Dean orders three meals. Billie appears next to him and wonders why he's working a case. She says that Chuck destroyed one world and she saw it, and it was the last one. Billie tells Dean that Chuck will be back, soon, and there won't be a moment to waste. She says that she has given Jack his final orders, by telling him the truth that he can only get Dean's forgiveness by destroying Chuck. Billie asks if she was wrong, and Dean doesn't say anything.

Back at their hotel room, Sam checks the Internet and Caitlin asks him if he ever wants to be normal. Sam says that they help people and apologizes for not saving Travis.

Billie tells Dean that he won't see her again until the end. She's not in Chuck's story, so it's on Dean. She asks if they have a problem, and Dean tells her that they don't. Billie asks about Sam, and realizes that Sam doesn't know about how Jack will kill himself to stop Chuck. She tells him that she needs to know that Dean has his house in order.

Sam finds an article about Baba Yaga, a witch who feeds on children's fears using hallucinations. A ring she wears is her heart and the source of her power. Caitlin looks at the photo and says that it belonged to Travis, and he wore it on a silver chain around his neck. She tells Sam that it was Travis' lucky charm, and Sam suggests that when Dean cut Yaga's fingers off, the ring got separated from Baba Yaga. The ring had a stone that used to be broken, and Sam turns to discover that Caitlin has left.

Caitlin goes out to her car and finds the chain in an envelope of Travis' belongings. However, the ring isn't there. Baba Yaga appears using Travis' form, and "Travis" asks Caitlin if he's looking for the ring. He holds it up, and attacks Caitlin as she screams.

Dean returns to 219 with food, and Sam figures that Yaga grabbed Caitlin. He explains to his brother about Yaga and her ring, and shows Dean a photo of it. They head out to find Yaga's nest, and figure that it's close since the attacks have happened at the hotel.

The brothers split up and search the hotel, and Sam arrives at the front desk. Liquid pours out of the back office door, and Sam slowly opens the door and finds Gwen in the back, smoking a bong. He apologizes and leaves.

Dean passes the vending machines and 214's door opens on it. Drawing his gun, Dean goes in the door slams closed behind him. He finds himself in the hotel basement and continues searching, He finds the nest, and realizes that Sam is in danger. As he goes upstairs, Yaga appears in Travis' form. Dean shoots Travis but the bullet has no effect. "Travis" says that he likes kids but he's starving, grabs Dean, and slams him to the floor.

Dean smashes the Baba Yaga's ring with his gun

Sam continues searching the hotel and hears screaming from 214. He runs in and sees an unconscious Caitlin on the bed, and Dean struggling with Yaga. Sam manages to knock Yaga off of Dean, and Dean pulls her ring off and smashes it with the butt of his gun. Yaga disappears when the stone in her ring is destroyed, and Caitlin wakes up as the brothers look at each other.

The next day, Dean and Caitlin walk out of the hotel. Caitlin thanks Dean for what he did for her and Travis, and asks if he was scared. Dean admits that he always is, and Caitlin says that Dean is changed and the old Dean would never have admitted he was scared. She thanks Dean for helping and hugs him.

The Past

Caitlin hugs Dean, and he tells her to call him if anything ever happens. She takes the phone number but says that she hopes she'll never have to call him, and walks out. Sam asks Dean if he ever found the missing kids, and Dean lies and says that he didn't. John pulls up outside, and Dean tells Sam that they'll tell John that he handled it... with a little help. Dean then tells Sam that they make a good team, and Sam agrees. The brothers go out and get in the Impala, and John drives off.


Sam and Dean drive back to the bunker, and Sam tries to call Castiel. Dean tells him to hang up the phone and then says that Billie visited him and it's "go time". He also tells Sam that Jack is ready to sacrifice himself to destroy Chuck and Amara, and Chuck has always known. Dean admits that Castiel told him before he left. Sam is angry that Dean kept the secret from him, and Dean says that he figured Sam couldn't handle it. He insists that's how they end Chuck and they don't get a choice. Sam refuses to discuss it further or hear Dean's apology, and the brothers drive in silence.[1]


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  • Antagonist: Baba Yaga
  • This is a reference to a line from Toto's song called Africa. It can also be a reference to the song of the same name (from the album Automatisme Psychique) by Act Noir.
  • The boggle from Sam and Travis' game

    While Sam and Travis are playing boggle, among the words spelled out are "Death", "Kill", "Now" & "You"... but without an S or M there is no way to spell out the message Travis writes; "Sam kill you now".
  • This is the second episode to feature an unfinished hunt from the brothers' past, the first being Something Wicked in Season 1, involving a Shtriga.
  • Dean mentions Sam's imaginary friend who was revealed to be the zanna Sully in Just My Imagination.
  • In the flashbacks, Dean is almost 14 while Sam is 9. It is also two years after Sam learns the truth in A Very Supernatural Christmas.
  • In the flashbacks, Dean is wearing his amulet.
  • Billie reveals God is done with destroying the alternate universes.
  • Dean is revealed to know the truth about how Jack will destroy God and Amara. Billie explains that she had surmised that Dean would only ever forgive Jack for the death of Mary Winchester if he destroyed God and told him as much which is what got Jack to agree to her plan. Billie also will not have any further role until the end as she is not in Chuck's book after this point.
  • Dean tells Sam the truth about Jack dying in order to destroy God and Amara which is what Castiel had told him at the end of Gimme Shelter.
  • Although John Winchester appears at the episode, his face is never shown, nor Matt Cohen either Jeffrey Dean Morgan are credited.


  • Young Dean: Monsters are real. Me, my dad, we hunt them. It's kinda the family business.

  • Billie:I told him the truth. Jack killed your mother, and all he wants is your forgiveness. And I surmise the only way he can get that is ending God, and freeing you from the -- what did call it? Hamster wheel. Was I wrong?

  • Caitlin: Don't you ever want to be, I don't know? Normal?
  • Sam: Well, we help people, you know? Save them. Just sorry we couldn't save Travis.

  • Caitlin: Were you scared?
  • Dean: Always am.
  • Caitlin: You have changed. The old you never would have admitted that.
  • Dean: Well, I'm not sure that's a good thing.

  • Young Dean: Sam, about the college thing. I don't know, but, we do make a good team. Right?
  • Young Sam: Yeah, we do.

  • Dean: Jack's gonna die. Apparently, it was always part of Billie's plan. Jack's known this whole time. And he's ready to sacrifice himself. So in order to kill God and Amara, Jack has to die.
  • Sam: Wait. So... Billie just told you this while you were grabbing burgers?
  • Dean: No. Cas did, before we left. Before we even got the call about Travis.
  • Sam: So you've been sitting on this. What the hell, Dean? I thought we were past stuff like this.

  • Dean: 'Cause I know you couldn't handle it! You didn't trust Billie's plan, and then, when we found out about Amara, you... you... you started second-guessing. You raise these... these "ethical questions."
  • Sam: I shouldn't? Jack's gonna kill himself, and I should just shut up about it?

  • Dean: This is how we end Chuck, okay?! This is the only way we'll ever be free! So I'm sorry, Sam! You don't get a choice! We don't get a choice!



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