You're making the right choice. Your uncle's in a persistent vegetative state being kept alive by machinery and nothing else. Sometimes letting go is the right choice.
— Doctor Rashad to Sam and Dean
in Prophet and Loss

Doctor Rashad was Donatello Redfield's doctor at the Happy Daze Nursing Home.


After Prophet Donatello Redfield was rendered brain dead, he ended up at the Happy Daze Nursing Home under Doctor Rashad's care. Doctor Rashad kept Donatello alive on life support for nearly a year, but believed him to be completely brain dead and beyond help. In 2019, when Donatello began moving around and muttering, Doctor Rashad started to think that Donatello might be recovering and recorded his strange mutterings, but Donatello never regained consciousness and Doctor Rashad believed that the mutterings were just reflexive and babble.

A couple of days later, Dean, pretending to be Donatello's nephew, called Doctor Rashad after discovering that Tony Alvarez had been activated as a Prophet to see if Donatello was still alive. Doctor Rashad confirmed that Donatello was still alive and still comatose.

Following Tony's killing spree, the Winchesters and Castiel decided to remove Donatello from life support to fix the Prophet line and the Natural Order. Doctor Rashad met with Castiel under the alias of Doctor Novak and consoled the Winchesters that they were doing the right thing as Donatello was only kept alive by machines. When Doctor Rashad mentioned that Donatello babbled, Sam developed an interest so Doctor Rashad showed Sam his video of Donatello's mutterings. Doctor Rashad's video caused Castiel to realize that Donatello's brain was trying to rebuild itself and that Castiel might now be able to help him. Doctor Rashad was shocked when Castiel and the Winchesters ordered him out and announced that they had changed their minds about removing life support.

After Dean shut off Donatello's ventilator, Doctor Rashad returned to the room and was shocked to discover that Donatello had regained consciousness. Dean quickly proclaimed it a miracle to pacify the stunned doctor.


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