Dr. Kessler is the attending physician at the Cottonwood Urgent Care Walk-in Medical Clinic in Grangeville, Idaho.

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When Dean Winchester arrives with Corbin and Michelle Tilghman after a run-in with werewolves, Dr. Kessler is the doctor who tends to their injuries.

She tends to Dean's broken ribs, though after he wakes up from being tasered by the Sheriff, Dean refuses to rest despite her orders. Dr. Kessler then moves on to Michelle, and reassures Michelle's husband that she is stable, and that she wants to check him. Corbin attempts to refuse, but the doctor insists. During the examination, Dr. Kessler discovers a nasty bite mark on Corbin's arm, which he tries to hide.

Later on, Dean overdoses on drugs as a means to contact the reaper Billie. At his request, Michelle goes to fetch Dr. Kessler, who successfully revives him. Sheriff Ben Anderson however immediately places Dean under arrest once he wakes up. He orders Dr. Kessler to sedate Dean, but she refuses due to the health concerns, warning the sheriff that Dean could die again.

Just then, the doctor hears screaming from another room. She goes to investigate and is shocked to find that Corbin has transformed into a werewolf. Corbin attacks and kills her.

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  • Actress Eileen Pedde previously portrayed Mrs. Frankle in season 5 episode "Swap Meat".
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