Dr. Clark is a doctor who was taken by the demon Ardat as a vessel.


Dr. Clark worked at the hospital where Arthur Ketch was taken for treatment after being shot by Dean Winchester. She was presumably his doctor.

In order to get close to Arthur, the demon Ardat takes Dr. Clark as her vessel. As Arthur tries to leave, a nurse finds Ardat behind her and is pleased to see the demon, mistaking her for Dr. Clark. Ardat then kills the nurse and Arthur and continues to use Dr. Clark as her vessel.

After traveling into Hell to stop Belphegor, Ardat is killed by the other demon with an angel blade, Dr. Clark along with her. Dr. Clark's body is left on the floor of Lilith's Chamber in Hell.



  • Dr. Clark being Ardat's vessel instead of an alias comes from the nurse's reaction to seeing her and the familiarity in the greeting.
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