Dowling is a boarding house owner.


Not much known about him, except she opened and operated a boarding house in Charming Acres, Arkansas.

Season 14Edit

After Chip Harrington gave Sam and Castiel to Conrad's former residence in her boarding house, they decided to check the place to find some evidences about supernatural involvement in his death. Here, Dowling welcomed them and greeted them as agents, claiming that the news about they arrival already spread in the small town.

While Sam tried to distract Mrs. Dowling attention, Castiel able to find secret correspondence between Conrad and Sunny. When Castiel informed Sam, Sam already fell into Chip mind control influence and started to act strange and leaving the room.

In next day, Sam is missing from her room. Downstairs, Castiel also noticed similar strange behavior of Mrs. Dowling. Castiel calling her. Mrs. Dowling give suggestion to Castiel to find Sam to Harrington's milkshake house to check him out.


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