The Dousing Rod Spell was a spell that could use a person's blood to track down an item it was attracted to.


This spell was perfected by the demon Grab as a way of finding objects he would steal. According to Grab, the spell took him years to perfect. The spell worked on the principle that "like attracts like."

While searching for the vault containing Barthamus' bones, Grab used the spell on Dean Winchester whose blood was attracted to the vault and was the key to opening it.


For the spell to be cast, the incantation "sanguis infernus, anima nunc. Viam manifesta. Sanguis inferne, viam ostende" must be spoken. Immediately afterwards, the person the spell is used on will have their arm pull them in the direction of the object that the spell is directing them to.

The spell breaks once the object's location has been found.



  • The spell may have been invented by Grab as he stated that he spent years perfecting it.
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