Sheriff Doug Kontos is the sheriff of Dakota County and the ex-husband of Donna Hanscum.

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Doug attends the Sheriff's Retreat in Hibbing, Minnesota, where he encounters Donna and meets Jody Mills. He approaches the two and notes that Donna is rather good-looking, to which Donna responds that she lost 6 pounds. With a big grin on his face, he remarks that she is now a quarter of the way there. This upsets Donna.

He asks for some meal vouchers since she won't be using them. Donna hands him the vouchers, and he takes a handful of suckers, and he walks off.

Doug is later seen dancing on the dance floor with someone while Donna and Jody briefly watch on.

While Donna and Jody are looking at guns, Doug approaches them and tells the vendor, Chaz, to avoid Donna since she is a "wolf of sheepskin". Doug continues to mock Donna over her weight and lack of new boyfriends, until Jody, utterly infuriated by him, pokes at his chest and bluntly tells him that he's "just a douche".

Doug is left speechless, and ultimately decides to just leave them alone.

In Plush, Donna is shown to have a hangup on dating cops named Doug due to the way her ex-husband treated her. As a result, she has a hard time giving Deputy Doug Stover a chance.

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