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Yes, despite all my lady parts, I managed to capture The Wicked Witch.
Dorothy, to Haggerty and Jenkins.

Dorothy Baum is a hunter whose father was L. Frank Baum, a member of the Men of Letters. Desperate when it appeared that The Wicked Witch could not be killed, Dorothy used a spell to bind herself and the Wicked Witch, keeping them both trapped in stasis at the Men of Letters bunker for decades. They were finally freed by Sam and Dean Winchester. After Charlie Bradbury killed the Wicked Witch, she and Dorothy went to Oz in order to continue fighting against the Witch's forces. After the War For the Emerald City, Dorothy became the new leader of Oz with The Wizard of Oz, unaware that he was evil and using her to gain power. After his death at the hands of Charlie, Dorothy presumably became the sole leader of Oz.


Early life[]

Dorothy's father was a member of the Men of Letters named L. Frank Baum. Unaware of what he did, a curious young Dorothy stowed away when he took a trip to Oz to rescue Clive Dylan, only to become trapped there. She became involved in the rebellion against The Wicked Witch alongside three freedom fighters, whom the Witch transformed into a scarecrow, a tinman, and a lion. Dorothy was killed by the Wicked Witch at some point and her soul went to Heaven, but she was later resurrected. She became invested in fighting in the rebellion herself.

Dorothy's father did not realize she was there until he had already returned to Earth, and could not return to Oz to save her. He wrote a series of books about Dorothy in Oz that were considerably less grim than Dorothy's actual adventures there; in these books, he planted clues about Oz and the Wicked Witch for his daughter to find one day.

Dorothy's file photo in the Men of Letters documents.

At some point, Dorothy managed to return to Earth through unknown means. The Wicked Witch came to Earth as well. In 1935, Dorothy managed to capture the Wicked Witch and tried various methods of killing her, but each failed and Dorothy could only keep the Witch's tongue cut out. She went to the Men of Letters bunker to enlist the Men of Letters' help despite her disdain for the group, hoping they would find a solution in their books. When the Wicked Witch freed herself, Dorothy, believing the Witch was unkillable, trapped her in the Bunker's laboratory by imprisoning the Wicked Witch's soul and her own with a binding spell.

Her case was the first case ever investigated in the bunker, although it was never considered solved as the Men of Letters did not know of her fate. Much of her adventures were written and published by her father in the series of books called The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Season 9[]

Dorothy wakes up after seventy years

Over seventy years later, Sam and Dean accidentally opened the flagon in which Dorothy and the Wicked Witch's souls resided, resulting in a liquid pouring out and turning into a cocoon containing Dorothy's unconscious body. After Dean freed her, she woke up and revealed to him, Sam, and Charlie her identity, Oz being real, and the Wicked Witch being somewhere in the Bunker. While Dean and Sam lead the search, Dorothy stayed with Charlie, whom she eyed with interest and the two bonded.

Dorothy and Charlie found a way to kill the Wicked Witch with the Ruby Slippers from a clue in the Oz books, but Sam and Dean became possessed by the Witch and she attempted to kill Dorothy and Charlie through the brothers, while taunting Dorothy about having killed her before. Dorothy held Sam and Dean off to give Charlie the chance to kill the Wicked Witch. Just as Dorothy was about to be killed, Charlie stabbed the Wicked Witch in the back of the head with the ruby slippers.

Dorothy and Charlie travel to Oz

With the Wicked Witch finally dead, Dorothy decided to return to Oz to finish the rebellion. Impressed by Charlie's capabilities, and knowing that Charlie wanted an adventure, she invited Charlie to join her, and together they traveled into Oz.

Season 10[]

When Charlie returns to Earth, she reveals that there was a war for the Emerald City which she and Dorothy fought in. After the war was won by Charlie's dark side, Dorothy became the new leader of Oz alongside the Wizard of Oz. Unknown to Dorothy, the Wizard was evil. After Charlie killed the Wizard on Earth by killing his good side, Clive Dylan, Dorothy and Oz were safe again and Dorothy was left the sole leader of Oz. Charlie was unable to return to Oz to rejoin Dorothy however as her dark side broke the Key.

Season 15[]

In Inherit the Earth, Dorothy appears in the flashback sequence at the end returning to Oz with Charlie.


Dorothy was an active hunter. She went on hunting trips by herself and was capable of capturing powerful creatures like the Wicked Witch. Dorothy did not let other people judge her by her gender, and she was not hesitant to voice out her opinion. She compared Men of Letters to librarians, often commenting how they never do much work other than looking after their books. This was in spite (or rather because) of her own father being a Man of Letters himself. However, her opinion of them did improve upon learning just how much work they had done to help her. She also showed this to Sam and Dean after they defeated her.

Dorothy was brave, as she would hold her ground even if she was outmatched or outnumbered. She was not afraid to take risks, and, with little apparent regard to the consequence, used the binding spell to incapacitate the witch. She was however somewhat arrogant and dismissive, such as initially not noticing when she was clearly outmatched. Likewise, her ignorance to the Men of Letters and her past blinded her from the answers she sought for many years.

While in Oz, she allied herself with the freedom fighters, and to date, continued to support the rebellion she helped incite. She valued her comrades, as she keeps the head of the tinman as a reminder of his sacrifice and offered Charlie Bradbury to join her after she helped her in a hunt. She took her mission with dedication and immediately returned to Oz to finish the rebellion without hesitation. Charlie later states that after the successful rebellion, Dorothy became one of Oz's two new leaders, the other being the Wizard of Oz before Charlie killed him.

Powers and abilities[]

As a hunter, she had the fighting abilities and knowledge at her disposal. She was also allowed access to the bunker of the Men of Letters, thus granting her knowledge on some spells. Due to her travels in Oz, she has also been protected against the magic of the Wicked Witch. She is a capable fighter being able to hold her own against seasoned hunters like Sam and Dean, as well as staying on her feet even after taking a beating from them.



  • Dorothy's surname may be Baum, assuming that she has the same surname as her father, L. Frank Baum. Alternatively, it may be Gale, which is the character's surname in the continuity of the original Oz books. It is revealed in There's No Place Like Home that Baum is in fact her last name.
  • In real life, Dorothy Gale is based on L. Frank Baum's niece, Dorothy Louise Gage who died as a baby.
  • Dorothy owns a motorcycle which is kept in the garage of the Men of Letters bunker. She keeps the head of the tinman (whom she said "didn't make it") and the Ruby Slippers in its satchel.
  • Dorothy stated that, contrary to the books and movies about her time in Oz, she did not actually wear the Ruby Slippers. However, Dorothy implied that she does have a pet dog still in Oz and that she intends to find him when she goes back.
  • In a deleted scene for There's No Place Like Home, Charlie tells Sam that she and Dorothy had become like sisters. She also reveals that she allowed the Wizard of Oz to split her soul in order to save Dorothy's life.
  • Dorothy is one of seven known legacies, the others are Sam and Dean Winchester, Maura, Eileen Leahy, Marco Avila, and Ophelia Avila. Of the seven, she is one of five who are still alive.