Donnie Finnerman was a local mechanic in the state of Maine. He became Raphael's vessel during a riot involving demons near a gas station.


Season 5Edit


The Archangel Raphael inhabited Donnie Finnerman's body during a conflict with demons at a gas station in Maine, where he decimated the station's structure and destroyed the demons there. After Raphael resolved the problem, he abandoned Finnerman's body and retreated to Heaven, leaving Donnie in catatonic-state. He was taken to St. Peter's Hospital where he was approached by Dean and Castiel. Castiel surrounded Donnie in a circle of holy fire and performed a ritual, attempting to summon Raphael back to his vessel but was unsuccessful.

Raphael later re-inhabited Donnie's body in an abandoned house where Dean and Castiel trapped and interrogated him, seeking God's location. After he continued to deny knowing God's whereabouts claiming that he was dead, they left him there in a circle of holy fire.

Season 6Edit

In The Third Man, Raphael, in a civil war with Castiel, appeared outside of Balthazar's mansion still using Donnie as his vessel. Raphael nearly killed Castiel before Balthazar used Lot's Stone to reduce Donnie's body to a pile of salt. Donnie was killed, but Raphael survived, albeit without a vessel until he could find another one.


Killed ByEdit

In order to stop Raphael from killing Castiel, Balthazar used Lot's Stone to turn Donnie into a pillar of salt that collapsed into a pile.


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