Donatello Redfield is a chemistry professor who became a Prophet. He was originally an atheist before becoming a prophet of God.


Season 11

Donatello becomes a Prophet

Donatello becomes a Prophet.

When a fog sent by Amara strikes his hometown, Donatello gets struck by a lightning bolt and becomes the sole survivor of the town. Dean and Sam come to speak with him at the police station and discover that he is a prophet, since he claims to have visions of the Darkness.

The Winchesters decide to bring Donatello to the Bunker, informing him of everything as he is shocked. Once at the bunker, Donatello meets God, much to his disbelief, and he also meets Metatron, who introduces himself as the Scribe of God.

Using his ability to see visions and sense The Darkness, Donatello joins the rescue mission for Lucifer since he knows where Amara is keeping him. Once Lucifer is freed of his bounds, Donatello, Sam and Lucifer rush back into the Impala and drive off, but are confronted by Amara on the road.

All in the Family 04

Donatello meets God.

Amara attempts to destroy all three, until suddenly, the Impala and its occupants find themselves inside the Bunker, to which Donatello exclaims "WHAT, HAPPENED!?".

Exiting the vehicle, the three are greeted by God, who reveals that he had answered a prayer, and was therefore the one who transported them back home. With Lucifer safe and sound, Donatello bids the brothers farewell, but will keep his ears open if they need him again.

Amara consumes Donatello's soul

Amara consumes Donatello's soul.

Three days later, Donatello gets attacked by Amara inside his house, who is in need of the whereabouts of God. Donatello refuses to tell her, so Amara absorbs his soul into her being, enabling her to know where the Men of Letters bunker is.

Donatello survives Amara's attack, but is left soulless. With no moral compass, Donatello decides to go by the motto "what would Mr. Rogers do?"

Season 13

Sometime after losing his soul, Donatello was knocked off by the waves of power emitted by Jack when he was looking up condos. He tracks down the trails of power hoping to find God. 

However, he encounters Sam and Dean who attack him, thinking he was a monster until they see it's him and Donatello asks if God was with them. He relays his tale and realizes that the source of power was not God as he is surprised to find out the power that he felt was that of the young Nephilim Jack who he was amazed to actually meet. Upon learning his identity and status as Lucifer's son, he remarks that he met the Archangel but Jack's presence is nothing like Lucifer's, not toxic and dark.

After Jack was tricked by the Prince of Hell, he and the Winchesters track down Jack's trail, as they spot Asmodeus (disguised as Donatello) using Jack to open a rift to Hell in order to release the Shedim. Asmodeus restrains and starts to choke them but he was opposed by Jack and forced to flee upon seeing the Nephilim's anger, which saves Donatello and the Winchesters.

Donatello with the Demon Tablet

Donatello is later called upon by the Winchesters to read a demon tablet to access the spell to open a rift to the Apocalypse World to save Jack and Mary Winchester. Donatello then gets tricked by Asmodeus, disguised as Castiel, into revealing information about what the plan is. Once Asmodeus reveals himself, he freezes Donatello and uses Mind Control so Donatello will report to him should anything notable happen.

Good Intentions 07

Having lost his mind, Donatello is restrained

After he translated the Demon tablet, Donatello found himself corrupted from the effects of the tablet itself, due to not having his soul. Castiel claimed the soul acted as a filter against the corrupting effects of the Demon tablet. He turned hostile and would not give the spell's final ingredients to the Winchesters willingly. Castiel, in an act of desperation, tells Donatello that he will pry the final ingredients out of Donatello's head as Donatello worries over the repercussions for both of them but Castiel goes through with it.

Donatello Braindead

Donatello is left braindead.

This act leaves Donatello braindead, hooked up to machines that now keep him alive. Even though Castiel felt somewhat guilty, he revealed he also learned Donatello was working for Asmodeus, though not willingly.

Season 14

In Prophet and Loss, Donatello's condition results in a malformed new Prophet being called, Tony Alvarez. As a result, the Winchesters decide to take Donatello off of life support until it is discovered that he is spouting the Word of God. Castiel realizes that Donatello's mind is trying to pull itself together and as a result, he is no longer beyond help. Castiel searches through Donatello's mind and manages to awaken him. As a test, Dean turns off Donatello's life support and he remains alive.

After Donatello is taken off the breathing tube, Dean and Castiel feed him jello. Castiel tells Dean that he is no longer the twisted, evil version he became, but Donatello still lacks his soul. Donatello shows no memory of his actions while corrupted by the Demon Tablet and Dean leaves Castiel to fill him in.

Powers and Abilities

As a Prophet, Donatello developed special abilities. These special abilities led to a scar on the upper right side of his head. Despite losing his soul, Donatello retained at least some of his Prophet abilities.

  • Localization - Donatello was able to sense Amara's presence and when she was coming. He describes it as a 'ping' in his cerebral cortex. He was also able to sense the birth of Jack, discover his location and tell that it was Jack he was sensing while in the same room with him. Donatello was able to use this ability to track down Jack.
  • Super Senses - Just standing in front of Jack, Donatello could feel the intense "waves of power" coming off of him. He could also tell that Jack's power was not dark or toxic. He was able to sense the presence of Asmodeus and that he was not an angel when Asmodeus was in proximity to Jack who he was tracking.
  • Visions - After getting struck by Amara's fog, Donatello received visions of Amara and several events including the release of the Darkness and Kevin Tran repairing the Demon Tablet years earlier.
  • Multi-language - Like Kevin, Donatello could speak and read ancient languages such as Enochian even without learning it.
  • Word of God translating - Like Kevin, Donatello could read the Demon Tablet. However, for Donatello it appeared to be harder to do.
  • Spell Casting (in corrupted state) - While in a corrupted state, Donatello learned some annoying and potentially harmful spells from the tablet. The extent of his mastery varied from a simple spell to suffocate a person, to a spell that could potentially incinerate an angel.



  • Upon hearing his name, Dean compared it to a name from The Mutant Ninja Turtles, to which Donatello corrected him, saying he was named after the The Renaissance sculptor.
  • Before meeting God, Donatello was an atheist.
  • He also never drank beer before, until Dean offered it to him.
  • He is one of the few humans who have actually seen God, Amara and Lucifer.
  • Unlike other humans who have lost their soul, Donatello's personality appears to be generally unchanged.
  • Donatello is the only person known to have had their soul consumed by the Darkness and not be killed in some manner afterwards aside from Goldie Schmidtlapp whose ultimate fate is unknown.
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