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Let me get this right. The ice caps are melting, a movie where a girl goes all the way with a fish wins best picture, and that damn fool idjit from The Apprentice is president? And you call where we come from Apocalypse World?
Alternate Bobby Singer to Sam and Mary Winchester about the events of the main Earth
in Let the Good Times Roll.
In what was supposed to be a speech on farming subsidies, the President instead spent more than two hours disclosing his entire tax history, deep ties to Russia and North Korea and a quote "demon deal" he made with someone named Crowley.
— Newscaster
in Moriah

Donald Trump is the 46th President of the United States in Supernatural.


Season 6[]

In My Heart Will Go On, travel agent Anne Whitting is shown in an alternate universe where the Titanic didn't sink attempting to convince a client that the new Trump casino in Cuba is a perfect vacation spot.

Season 7[]

In Shut Up, Dr. Phil, real estate developer and witch Don Stark tells Dean of his admiration for Trump after he notices a signed picture of a building in Don's office.

In The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, when Charlie Bradbury hacks into the leviathan head Dick Roman's email, an email is shown on the screen. It states:

Agent Valente accelerated customs clearance through JFK. Package now on route.
Private jet courtesy of Mr. Trump is due at Downey Airport near corporation and ahead of schedule.
Package will arrive at 11:15.

Season 11[]

In We Happy Few, Crowley gathers his demons in an attempt to stage a coup on Lucifer. He then says these lines:

Together, we can make Hell great again. Of course, I'll need your help recruiting others. When the numbers are in our favor, we'll strike, and each and every one of you will have earned a place at my side.
— Crowley to the demons in We Happy Few.

This quote parodies a portion of a speech Trump gave to a few advisers before his election.

Season 13[]

In The Rising Son, Drexel tells Asmodeus that Lucifer promised he would return and when he did, he would make Hell great again. This is a play on Trump's famed campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again", used during the 2016 election.

In The Bad Place, Kaia Nieves refers to her drug dealer as a small businessman trying to make his way in Trump's America.

In Exodus, Lucifer tells Jack that the bad things said about him is fake news, similar to Trump's claims as such. He also says that he is the fall guy for everything that goes wrong. Lucifer then compares his family to the Trumps and others.

"Fake news" is the dissemination of untrue information as fact. The phrase became popular in the 2016 United States presidential election by Donald Trump, who continues to use the phrase.

In Let the Good Times Roll, Sam is telling Mary Winchester, Alternate Bobby Singer, and others from Apocalypse World about our Earth and mentions Trump being president. Bobby then quips about Trump and why they call his world "Apocalypse World".

Season 14[]

In Moriah, a newscaster states that Trump, while under Jack's mind control, spent more than two hours disclosing his entire tax history, deep ties to Russia and North Korea and a demon deal he made with Crowley. However, this was undone by God along with all the other effects of Jack's mind control leaving only Sam and Dean to remember the truth.



  • In real life, Trump was the 45th President of the United States.
  • The Apocalypse World Bobby Singer takes Trump, who he calls "that idjit from The Apprentice," being President as a reason why the Main Universe might be worse than Apocalypse World.
  • Trump appears to have connections to Dick Roman as Dick's email states that one of the ways the suitcase carrying the Leviathan Tablet is traveling from Iran is on a private jet courtesy of Trump.
  • Trump has a counterpart in Apocalypse World who shares a similar history before the Apocalypse began given Bobby's comment about The Apprentice.
  • Supernatural Donald Trump appears to be very similar to real world Donald Trump as Sam mentions Trump being embroiled in controversies.
  • While under Jack's mind control, he is mentioned to have revealed the truth to the world about his tax history, deep ties to Russia and North Korea and a demon deal he made with Crowley.

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