Don Harris is the husband of Debbie Harris.


Don is a resident of Bristol, Rhode Island, and has been married to Debbie for an unknown period. Somewhere between 2009 and 2010, Debbie cheated on Don with Agent Roark while the latter was investigating disappearances in the city.

A year later, Debbie and Don encounter Agent Roark at the local bar. While Debbie is excited to see him again, Don is less than pleased. Don is briefly introduced to Agent Roark's new partner. Agent Roark admits that they're here to investigate new disappearances. The couple then leave the two agents with their work.

Don is later shown at his house watching Debbie drink wine. He shows concern and disappointment in her behavior, though Debbie argues that leaving the wine alone won't make it taste any better. When Debbie goes to the basement, she is suddenly kidnapped by a mysterious entity.

The entity, Roy Dobbs, transforms Debbie into one of him - an arachne, as punishment against Agent Roark, aka Sam Winchester. She was chosen because of their brief hook up. Don reports Debbie missing soon after.


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