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Don Harding was one of the witches who brought Samhain to earth and was the brother of Tracy Davis.


Season 4[]

Like his sister, he was a very old witch, and was in fact Tracy's younger brother. He posed as a high school art teacher at the school Tracy went to. Sam and Dean visited him to talk about Tracy. Consequently, Don showed them her work. Soon after visiting him, Don placed hex bags in their motel room. Sam and Dean found the hex bag ingredients in Don's desk after figuring out it was him. As Don was performing the ceremony and was about to sacrifice Tracy, Sam and Dean shoot him. That made him the final sacrifice needed to summon Samhain. Samhain used Don's corpse as his vessel.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Don was a very skilled witch, to the point that he could conceal himself from the angels' tracking methods.


  • Mortality - Despite being functionally immortal, he was still vulnerable to forms of physical harm, as he was killed by Dean and Sam with multiple shots in his chest.



  • Don was the first witch that Sam and Dean have specifically defeated by themselves.
  • He shares his first name with another witch, Don Stark.
  • He may be named after the actor who portrayed him, Don McManus.