Don Hankey is a former criminal-turned-road preacher.


In the past, Don was a criminal. According to FBI and Police records, he had been arrested multiple times for lewd behavior. However, he changed and repented, deciding to follow the right path. At some point, he joined some kind of ministry that delivered religious teaching to the passing truckers.

Season 13Edit

He stopped in Manny's Truck Stop Cafe. Here, he delivered his teaching to a trucker. He also witnessed Wendy Hanscum before her abduction.

Due to his dark past, he became a good scapegoat candidate for Terrance Clegg to blame. Somehow, Clegg planted false evidence to his van in order to cover his involvement and obfuscate the investigation.

During the interrogation, Clegg tried to unearth the pastor's dark past to strengthen his accusation. However, Don Hankey's easy-going manner and his repeated requests for a lawyer made him irritated. He tried to coerce him with violence, but Sam was able to stop him from going further. Donna Hanscum later interrogated the pastor, where he told her about his innocence, after she threatened him with what would happen to him in jail. Sam later suggested starting the investigation where it started: Manny's Truck Stop Cafe.

After Clegg was exposed as the Butterfly, Hankey was exonerated.


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