Don't You Forget About Me is the 12th episode of Season 11. It aired on February 3rd, 2016.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean drop in on Jody Mills (guest star Kim Rhodes), Claire (guest star Kathryn Newton) and Alex (guest star Katherine Ramdeen) after receiving a panicked phone call from Claire. She believes the recent murders in town are supernatural and wants the boys' help. However, Sheriff Mills tells Sam and Dean that Claire has been getting into trouble lately as she's been attacking normal people and accusing them of being monsters.


Sam and Dean drop in on Jody after Claire calls them because of some unsolved disappearances that Jody won't take seriously. She's convinced it's something supernatural and calls Sam and Dean since she doesn't think so. On the other hand, Alex is settling in nicely at highschool, becoming popular and well known, this leads the two having constant fights because of the divide of personalities and lifestyle.

Jody invites the boys to dinner where Claire and Alex start talking. This soon escalates into a fight and the two start spilling each other's secrets and embarrassments to Jody and the boys. The awkward conversation ends as Jody doesn't know what to say as she's exposed to the doings of her two daughters that she didn't know about before. She tries to get help from Dean but he doesn't know what to say.

Once the girls are upstairs, Jody tells Sam and Dean that the reason Claire thinks that the cases are supernatural is because she is having a hard time settling in unlike Alex who is comfortable with her life and has left 'monsters' and such behind and moved on, something Claire is unable to do. Jody tells them she is always reading up on myths and monsters and even refuses to enrol into college, it doesn't affect Dean as much as he sees her as normal and like himself. Sam talks to her afterwards since Dean feels he won't be able to get through. She first refuses to listen but Sam tells her that monsters will be here whether she is or not, but her time to go to school and make friends will pass and she will ultimately regret it. She takes this under consideration and reveals that she feels she's 'late to the Alex-and-Jody-show' . She says she's 18 and wants to move out and become a hunter.

The next morning, Alex goes to school to find one of her teachers dead and hung up outside on a lamp post. Claire comes to see and tells them all that she knew something bad would happen. However, Dean takes her to the side and tells her she is too young to be involved in all of this and that she doesn't have to be like him. He also tells her she should show Jody respect as she's giving up so much for her. His attempt to 'tell her off' fails as he quickly finds that she isn't intimidated by him.

Back at home, Claire is adamant on joining Sam and Dean on the hunt and research and wants to be their 'trainee'. However, Jody tells her that she has an interview booked for enrolment to college and that it's the third time and it's imperative she comes. She surprisingly takes Sam and Dean's advice into action and agrees to go.

This is while Sam and Dean go out to find anything on or about the school. They find that one of the custodians is running around with a fake social security number. They research him and find that his family was drained of blood and he has been classed missing for 3 years, they assume he is a vampire. They're too late though because just as Claire and Jody get ready to leave, one of the vampires shows up and attacks them - breaking Jody's leg and taking Claire with him. She phones Dean but she doesn't finish and screams and the line goes blank. They rush to find them and phone Alex to go somewhere safe too, this fails as well since her 'boyfriend', Henry, is revealed to be working with the custodian and kidnaps her too. Before this, flashbacks of Alex's past are revealed where she traps innocent people and lets vampires feed on them. Henry then takes Alex to an old building where Claire and Jody are tied up.

The custodian, revealed to be a man called Rich, asks Alex if she remembers him. She says she doesn't but he says he offered her a lift home when she was being harassed at a restaurant a few years ago. She says she remembers and he asks her why she left him alone with the other vampires for them to feed on and kill. He tells her that his wife and child are dead too as he fed on them and it's all Alex's fault. She's upset and sorry but he revealed that he planned on killing her in revenge but seeing her alone felt at first caused him to see it would be like he was doing her a favor. He states he turned Henry and set them up to give her a life that she could cherish, just so they could destroy it. Henry reveals that he never liked her and Rich plans on killing Claire and Jody for revenge. He prepares to bite into Claire but Sam and Dean show up and stop him. A fight breaks out and Claire ends up killing Rich. Claire gathers a defeated Henry who admits he is sad about not sleeping with Alex when he could have before Alex punches him in the face and Claire decapitates him.

The next morning, Claire burns the breakfast that she made for Jody and Alex while apologizing for not being grateful enough, making her very happy at the gesture. As Sam and Dean are then about to leave, Claire says she will back off and let Jody teach her how to hunt safely.


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  • "Don't You Forget About Me" is a reference to the song "Don't You (Forget About Me)," which is famous for its use in the John Hughes film The Breakfast Club.
  • Ben Cotton, who played Richard Beesome, previously played Pride in the Season 3 episode The Magnificent Seven.
  • Veena Sood, who played Principal Ramirez, previously played Dr. Aldrich in the Season 5 episode The Curious Case of Dean Winchester.
  • The band members painted on the lockers in the school are the four main characters from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho.


  • Dean: So I'm guessing there's nothing on the Amara-meter, either.
  • Sam: Uhh no, I'm starting to think that God's psycho sister has gone to ground.

  • Alex: Claire did catch a werewolf. Oh right, turned out to be a German Shepherd with rabies.
  • Jody: And before that was the vampire. Council woman into erotic cosplay. I didn't know what cosplay was before that, super embarrassing for the force.
  • Dean: Well, you know, I thought we would be helping you with monsters, not birth control.


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Supernatural 11x12 Promo "Don’t You Forget About Me" (HD)

Supernatural 11x12 Promo "Don’t You Forget About Me" (HD)


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