Father Dominic Lehne was a priest at St. Mary's Convent in 1972.



Azazel possessing Father Lehne

One night in 1972, he was preparing to close up St. Mary's Convent in Ilchester, Maryland for the night, when the Prince of Hell Azazel appears as smoke, catches the priest off guard, and possesses him.

The following day, the possessed Lehne tells a group of eight nuns about his perspective on Lucifer's fall and imprisonment. He also tells them that "I feel, in a very literal sense, that I have been wandering the desert for years" searching for his daddy who was put in jail by their daddy. And that he has found the opening to his prison. The possessed priest locks the nuns in the sanctuary and slaughters them. He then places one inverted body on the altar, and pleads for Lucifer to "whisper through the door". Lucifer obliges, speaking through the dead nun's mouth. Azazel asks how he can free him. Lucifer says that Lilith can break the seals, and tells Azazel to find "a special child. A very special child." This is the beginning of Azazel's project with the Special Children, of which Sam is an end product.


Sam reads an article about Lehne

After Azazel left Lehne's body, Lehne was arrested by the police for the murders of the eight nuns. He protested that he had been possessed by a demon and even remembered the demon's name: "Azazel". However, the police (for obvious reasons) did not believe him, despite the fact that Lehne's actions were completely out of character to those who knew him best.

It is unknown what ultimately became of Lehne after the incident.

In 2009, after learning that Lilith would be at St. Mary's Convent to break the final seal, hunter Sam Winchester found an article on the murders supposedly committed by Lehne. After finding out that Lehne claimed to have been possessed by Azazel, Sam and Ruby took it as further proof that the convent was the right location to find Lilith.



  • The character of Father Lehne is a reference to Fredric Lehne, the primary actor of Azazel.
  • The news article outlining Lehne's murders also narrates the priest's history of priesthood.
  • When reading the article, Sam Winchester states that it says that Father Lehne remembers the name of the demon that possessed him which is Azazel. However, close examination of the article shows that while it does say that he remembered the demon's name, the article actually doesn't list that name.
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