Nurse Dolores Glockner (1934-1976) was a nurse posted at Green River County Detention Center in the infirmary and later a violent spirit.


In the 1970s, Glockner worked as a nurse at the Green River County Detention Center. Glockner hated criminals and started targeting them for death, taking cons that came into her infirmary for simple colds and poisoning them so that they had a heart attack. While stories went around, no one could ever prove anything about it. During this time Glockner met Randall and while giving him a tetanus shot, nearly put her needle through his arm. However, Glockner spared Randall's life. During a prison riot in 1976, a bunch of prisoners took Glockner into an isolation cell in the old cell block and bashed her head in revenge for her murders. Glockner was then buried in Green Valley Cemetery.

Following her death, Glockner became a violent spirit. However, she somehow got trapped in the cell she was murdered in. In 2007, the old cell block was reopened and Glockner was released when the cell her spirit was trapped in was opened. That night, Glockner murdered a guard who was crooked by inducing a heart attack as witnessed by Randall. Over the next three months, Glockner murdered three more people.

After the four murders, the warden of the detention center, Deacon, called in hunters Sam and Dean Winchester to get rid of the ghost haunting his prison. The Winchesters wrongly assumed Glockner was actually the spirit of serial killer Mark Moody, however. While Dean was in solitary, Glockner murdered a prisoner named Lucas which Dean witnessed but continued to wrongly assume it was Moody. Glockner later attacked the infirmary where Dean and Tiny were being held. Though Glockner went after Dean, he was able to repel her with salt. Glockner then killed Tiny instead. With the help of Randall and Mara Daniels, the Winchesters were able to figure out Glockner was their ghost and escape from prison with the help of Deacon.

At the same time the Winchesters dug up her bones, Glockner attacked Deacon in the prison bathroom, enraged that he let the Winchesters go. As Glockner started to induce a heart attack in Deacon, the Winchesters dug up her bones and salted and burned them. In immense pain, Glockner released Deacon, backed up and went up in flames, saving Deacon's life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Glockner possessed all standard ghost powers, however, she was stronger than the average ghost.

  • Invisibility - As a ghost, Glockner was naturally invisible
  • Thermokinesis - Glockner's presence caused the temperature to drop.
  • Super speed - Glockner was able to move across a room incredibly fast.
  • Telekinesis - With mere flicks of her head, Glockner was able to throw around Dean and Deacon.
  • Biokinesis - By putting her hand above her victims' hearts, Glockner was able to make their veins turn black and eventually induce a heart attack that would kill them.
  • Electrokinesis - Whenever Glockner appeared, the lights would flicker and the clocks would stop.
  • Immunity - Glockner displayed a limited immunity to salt, quickly recovering from Dean dispersing her with it.


  • Salt - Like all other ghosts, Glockner could be dispersed with salt.
  • Iron - Like all ghosts, Glockner is vulnerable to iron.
  • Salting and Burning of remains - Salting and burning Glockner's remains put her to rest.



  • The reason Glockner's ghost was trapped isn't revealed but its possible it was because the cell she was killed in was sealed and had an iron door, a weakness for ghosts. The reason for the cell block being sealed was never given, but it was possibly due to the riot that killed Glockner which occurred shortly after the death of Mark Moody. Both events are stated to have taken place right before the cell block was sealed.
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