This unnamed demon worked as a documents holder for Crowley.


This demon was typically seen standing beside Crowley's throne giving him documents to read and sign. He was present when the Two-Faced Demon came to complain about Crowley's mother Rowena MacLeod. She had been bullying the court and cursing fellow demons. To appease his furious mother, Crowley sent this demon and Two-Faced to fetch the leader of the Grand Coven, Olivette, who was the source of Rowena's anger. The two demons bound Olivette in chains, preventing the witch from using her powers.

This demon is seen again giving documents to Crowley a while later. This time, Rowena approaches Crowley with bloody injuries all over her body, claiming it was done by Dean Winchester. Crowley is not convinced, but tells every demon in the room, including this one, to leave for now.



  • This demon has no lines.
  • Actor Sage Brocklebank also portrayed Theo in the season 9 episode Holy Terror. This makes him the first actor to portray both a demon and an angel on the show.
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