Doc Benton's Lab book.

That's the thing, it's not black magic, there's no blood sacrifice or anything. It's just science, Dean.
Sam describing the book's formula for immortality to Dean.
in Time Is On My Side

This lab book or journal detailed all the experiments Doc Benton performed to achieve immortality.


The lab book had the appearance of a red leather journal with a triangular symbol surrounded by an ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail. The serpent or dragon eating its own tail represented a never-ending cycle or eternal return or re-creation of itself, which referred to Doc Benton's goal to become immortal.


According to Sam, the lab book contained a formula that relied fully on science. It did not contain any form of dark magic, or even magic for that matter. Although the formula was never revealed, it would have been connected to concepts such as anatomy, physiology, and medical-surgical topics, albeit grounded by 19th century line of thought, as evidenced by Doc Benton's procedures.


This lab book was carried by Doc Benton with him at all times, although it was stolen by Sam, who sought to replicate the doctor's experiments to prevent Dean from dying and going to Hell. It was ultimately buried atop the refrigerator that Sam and Dean used as a casket for the doctor to prevent him from stealing more organs and killing people.


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