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Sam : We're hunting a Djinn.
Dean : A freaking Genie!? You think these suckers can really grant wishes?
Sam : I don't know. I guess they're powerful enough, but not exactly like Barbara Eden in Harem Pants. Djinn have been feeding off people for centuries. They're all over the Quran.
Dean : So, where do the Djinns lair up?
Sam : Ruins, usually. Bigger the better -- more places to hide.

Djinns, also spelled Jinns and sometimes even called Genies (Jinni), are a rare race of supernatural cave dwelling hermits that have the power to produce powerful hallucinations inside the minds of humans. They have been encountered by a few hunters including Sam and Dean Winchester.


A Djinn's depiction

Djinns are humanoid creatures with tattooed skin that prefer to live in large ruins with a lot of places to hide. They feed on human blood and can poison their victims with a touch. The poison can be used either to kill their victims quickly, or to leave victims in a coma-like state while the djinn feeds on their blood over a long period of time. Djinns are depicted in the Quran as invisible beings. Contemporary lore depicts them as genies and are able to read a person's mind to learn their deepest desires; however, the djinn do not truly grant wishes like the genies of lore. Instead, using their poison, the Djinn causes hallucinations so powerful that the immobilized victim thinks he or she is actually living in the reality the Djinn implanted.

The fantasy universe differs among the victims but it is generally where they believe their wish has been granted. Victims under the influence of the Djinn could see other victims as apparitions within their fantasy. At their peak, these fantasies, are incredibly detailed, to the point were they include a fantasy version of the Djinn who infected them, and their victims. Time passes slowly enough in the fantasy universe that the djinn's victims will feel as if they are living an entire lifetime before their physical bodies die. The only way to escape from the Fantasy universe, is for the person to commit suicide, in which case they wake up. However, if they die in the fantasy from anything other than their own hand, they will die in real life. There is an antidote to Djinn poison, known to the Campbell Family. When Djinn access their powers, either both their eyes and hands glow blue, or their tattoos move and extend down their arms.

A second type of Djinn appeared on the show, referred to by Dean as "bastard offshoots". This type do not feed on human blood but on human fear. They can pass as normal humans at will and reveal their glowing blue eyes just like normal Djinn do before attacking their prey. They possess the same powers and weakness of normal Djinns, but unlike them, turn the victim's insides to jelly and leave a blue hand mark on the corpse of the victim. This Djinn's poison is different as well, instead of making their prey hallucinating living in their happy place, they hallucinate their worst nightmares and die from fear. The antidote for normal Djinn poison doesn't affect their hallucinations. The only way to escape is to let go of the fear. Both types of Djinns hide in ruins and tend to live as a family and raise their own offspring.


Season 2[]

A djinn attacks Dean.

Dean and Sam are tracking a djinn, and when Sam tells Dean that, according to his research, they live in "ruins, usually –- the bigger, the better," Dean recalls a warehouse that he passed a while back and decides to investigate it on his own. In the warehouse, Dean finds the djinn but is overpowered and poisoned. After he is poisoned, he finds himself in the fantasy universe based on his innermost desire for his mother not to have been killed when he was a child.

Dean kills the djinn.

In this alternate reality, Dean and Sam are not hunters, and so have not become close to each other. Dean wants to believe that the djinn granted his wish, but becomes convinced that he is only dreaming. He wakes himself up by killing himself inside the vision, and when he returns to reality he is bound and weak. Sam is there trying to wake Dean, and starts to free the latter's rope bonds before being attacked by the djinn. Dean manages to break free and stab the djinn with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood, killing it. [1]

Season 6[]

Brigitta touches Dean's arm to infect him with her poison.

Djinns are hunting Dean and Sam and they are not "cave-dwelling hermits," but are able to pass as human. A djinn named Brigitta poses as a waitress and touches Dean's arm to infect him with her poison. Her touch makes Dean hallucinate his worst fears, including the return of Azazel. He seems on the verge of a panic attack when he is saved by Sam, who injects him with an antidote to the djinn's poison. Sam tells Dean that he was also poisoned by the djinn and that they both would have died without the antidote, which he got from their grandfather Samuel Campbell.[2]

After getting Lisa and Ben Braeden to safety, Dean and Sam act as bait for the djinn. Instead of coming for them directly, the djinn attack and poison Dean's neighbor Sid and his wife. Dean goes to try and save them, but finds them dead with their eyes white. It is unclear if they had time to hallucinate, or if the dose of poison was so high that they died instantly. While Dean checks on Sid and his wife, he is attacked by Brigitta and another djinn. Brigitta gives Dean a second, stronger dose of poison through her touch and tells him, "That's for our father," implying that the djinn Sam and Dean killed in 2007 was her father, and the other two djinn with her are her brothers.

Brigitta trapped in Crowley's Prison.

The djinn attack Sam who manages to bash one's brains in with a golf club before Brigitta and the other start to overpower him. However, Samuel kills the other djinn from behind and he and Christian capture Brigitta.

Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Meg encounter the djinn Brigitta in Crowley's monster jail. She is chained in a cell and seems terrified. She begs them to free her, but they don't have time and have to leave her. Later, Crowley comes to her cell, and she backs away from him fearfully. She is spared from further torture when Crowley focused his attention on the escape of the Winchesters. She is killed later when Castiel killed all of the monsters in the prison.[3]

Season 8[]

Charlie captured by the Djinn.

In 2013, a djinn of a type referred to as a "bastard off-shoot" by Dean, whose eyes glowed blue, left a blue handprint, and fed off fear rather than happiness lived in Topeka, Kansas. This djinn, Jennifer O'Brien, made a kill that drew attention years earlier, but she was able to eventually hide it by becoming the assistant of the coroner at the time and "accidentally" burning the body. Over the next nine years, she covers up her kills in the same way which she is able to easily do as the coroner, but when her son comes of age, he kills two people and the bodies draw the attention of Charlie Bradbury who warns Sam and Dean who investigate the case.[4]

The Djinn feeding.

Sensing Charlie's fear when she pretends to be an FBI agent to investigate the case, Jennifer kidnaps her and plans to feed both herself and her son off of Charlie. Charlie is poisoned, but Sam and Dean track her down and Dean kills Jennifer. Unable to wake Charlie up with the antidote, Dean enters Charlie's mind with African Dream Root while Sam confronts and kills Jennifer's son. Eventually Dean is able to save Charlie and snap her out of her fear-induced hallucination.[4]

Season 13[]

In Scoobynatural, after returning from Syria with the fruit from the Tree of Life, Castiel tells the empty Men of Letters bunker that to get the fruit, he had to face a clan of Djinn. Castiel killed most of them and bargained with the rest. Castiel comments that he thinks he married the Djinn Queen.

Season 14[]

In Nightmare Logic, the Winchesters, their mother, Bobby Singer and Maggie encounter a djinn named Neil who has been enhanced by Michael and has been acting as a trap for hunters. Neil's new enhanced abilities enable him to sense the fears of a victim by touching them and to bring their fears to life in the real world. After spotting Neil using the same rig a previous djinn had drained his own blood with on Patrick Rawling, Dean realizes that Neil is a djinn. Neil reveals that he is one of dozens of traps set up for hunters by Michael and attacks Dean who mysteriously proves immune to Neil's powers. Lacking lamb blood, Dean bashes Neil's head in and then shoots him several times in the head after he's dead, ending Neil's manifestations.

In Nihilism, a grace-enhanced djinn is amongst the five monsters that break into the Men of Letters bunker in an attempt to rescue Michael. Along with the other monsters, she is disintegrated by Jack using the power of his soul.

Season 15[]

In Golden Time, Castiel learns of the strange murder of a local boy and investigates, quickly discovering other strange deaths in the area that he suspects were caused by a djinn. Castiel works with a local mother to search for her son who turns out to have escaped from the djinn. The djinn is revealed to be the local sheriff who states that he tries not to kill more than he has to. The djinn tries to shoot Castiel dead, but his angelic powers render him invulnerable and Castiel easily overpowers the djinn and kills him with several stabs to the chest from his angel blade.

In The Heroes' Journey, a djinn known as Jamaica Djinn takes part in an underground monster fight club, competing against Killer Wraith. Jamaica Djinn wins the fight, but is killed shortly thereafter by Garth when he blows up the entire club with C4.

Powers and Abilities[]

Djinns are very powerful monsters that possess phenomenal psychic powers superior to most of the supernatural species. Their power can be a low level version of Reality Warping.

Djinn's power.

  • Hallucinogenic Touch - The Djinns' main ability. By touching someone, they can induce a series of delusions on the mind of their target, typically causing them to enter in an unconscious, dream-like state. Inside it, a person can re-live their deepest dreams and desires, over and over again, akin to an endless loop. These delusions can also be induced in a more mild fashion, leaving the person awake, but at the risk of having them break on a mental level due to the mix of reality and illusion. This is eventually fatal to them if they aren't given an antidote. There is also an offshoot race of Djinns, who when inducing the delusions, trap people in a dream world of their greatest fears, and feed off it. When touching their targets, they usually leave a blue mark in the shape of a handprint on the victim. If the victims are strong enough, they can break free of the delusions. Another person can also enter them through dream walking. The offshoot version of djinn's poison cannot be countered by the antidote, or possibly needs a different antidote as they are a slightly different race. The only way for the victim to wake up is to let go of their fears.
    • Pyrokinesis - When they activate their hallucination ability or feeding on their victims they form blue psychic-flames around their hand. This may also be the same energy that illuminates their eyes when using their powers. Though it does not physically damage their victims, but acts more like a side affect on their powers, a Djinn that touched Charlie Bradbury appeared to cause her pain while poisoning her, which took her more than one attempt to fully sedate and imprison her within her own mind as Charlie attempted to resist her.
  • Telepathy - They can read people's minds and learn their greatest desires or fears.
  • Super Strength - Djinns are notably stronger than humans, able to easily over power them. Even a teenage Djinn is able to overpower a grown man. However, at the time, the person he was fighting was weakened as well.
  • Super Speed - Djinns can move incredibly fast, able to suddenly appear and ambush others.
  • Super Senses - A particular type of Djinn that feeds on fear instead of human blood, can smell human fear and can track their prey by following their scent.
  • Invulnerability - Djinns can only be killed by a silver knife dipped in Lamb blood, or extreme brain damage.
  • Shapeshifting - Djinns can change their form to pass as humans. 
  • Immortality - Djinns possess a longer life span than humans and can potentially live forever.
  • Super Agility - Djinns are more agile than humans, while waiting to attack Dean three hid in a tree like birds.


  • Silver and lamb blood - A silver knife dipped in lamb blood can kill a djinn.
  • Extreme Brain Damage - Sam killed a djinn by bashing its brains in with a golf club. Dean was able to kill another in the same manner despite the djinn's enhanced nature.
  • Seraphim - Djinn are shown to be no match for Seraphim. Castiel was able to kill most of the members of a Syrian djinn pack single-handedly and another djinn was no match for him in combat.
  • High-Tier Demons - A djinn was deathly afraid of Crowley and what he would do to her.
  • Traumatic Memories - If djinn use their telepathic abilities on people that have suffered horrific experiences, they may be overcome by the traumatic memories, leaving them in a shock-like state in which they can be easily surprised.
  • Nephilim - Using the power of his soul, the Nephilim Jack was able to disintegrate five monsters, including a djinn.
  • Angel Blades - Castiel was able to kill a djinn by stabbing him several times in the chest with an angel blade.
  • Explosions - Garth Fitzgerald was able to kill Jamaica Djinn by blowing up the monster fight club with C4, killing all of the 58-60 monsters within.


More commonly known as a genie (Though sometimes both beings are seen as different), Djinn are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Like humans, they can be good (Genie), evil (Djinn), or neutrally benevolent. According to the Qu'ran, the Djinn were created by Allah from a smokeless fire (light). In reality a demon and a djinn is the same creature. The focus in Western culture has been on the Djinn or genie's ability to grant wishes, which originated in the tales from The Book of One Thousand and One Nights." The true form of a Djinn is currently unknown because they appear invisible to humans, but have the power to shapeshift into human and animal forms to become physical. Arab lore also says that Djinn possess superhuman speed, strength, immortality, can mimic human voice, and can even possess humans like demons do. Djinns are even said to be vulnerable to salt, iron, and silver.

Unlike the Djinns on Supernatural," Djinns in traditional lore are not a type of monster, but a race of supernatural beings like angels and demons.

Many writings and Mythology state that Genies are not Djinns, with Genies being benevolent or neutral, granting wishes with no consequences, and Djinns being tricksters of sort and normally putting negative effects on each wish, e.g. You wish for scrambled eggs, but there is no plate.

Known Djinn[]