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Dipper was a demon that served the Prince of Hell Asmodeus by guarding Lucifer and Castiel.


While Castiel and Lucifer were held prisoner in Crowley's old lair, Dipper took pleasure in entering their cell area with an angel blade and taunting the two. Dipper visited Lucifer, telling the weakened archangel that "I always thought you'd have a bigger stick." After getting Dipper's name, Lucifer told the amused demon that "its not the size of the stick, its how you use it." After Dipper commented that he usually heard that sort of thing from "guys with little sticks," an enraged Lucifer grabbed his cell bars, resulting in the warding on them shocking him. A laughing Dipper explained that the demons had enhanced the warding "just for you." As Dipper walked away, Lucifer shouted ineffectual threats after him.

Later, as Lucifer attempted to use his powers on a stick to no effect, Dipper returned to speak to Castiel. Dipper told Castiel that when Asmodeus got back, the demons had "big plans" for Castiel before walking away again.

When Dipper returned to the cells again, he discovered Castiel calling someone "useless and impotent and unnecessary" who would "die alone, unmourned." Annoyed, Dipper asked if Castiel was talking to him only to have Lucifer state that Castiel was talking to Lucifer instead. Dipper admitted that Castiel had a point before tauntingly asking "did you lose your little stick?" Lucifer admitted that he did before suddenly pulling Dipper into the bars with telekinesis. As Lucifer reached through the bars and grabbed Dipper, the wards on the two cells burned away.

Shocked, Dipper asked how Lucifer used his powers, causing Lucifer to explain that it turns out that rage is a good motivator and Dipper forgot that "I'm Lucifer." Lucifer stabbed his stick into the side of Dipper's neck and broke it off in the demon's neck, taunting that "I told you size didn't matter." As Dipper backed up in shock as Lucifer emerged from his cell, he turned around to find Castiel behind him. Stating that Lucifer got mad and broke his warding, Castiel smote Dipper, killing him. Lucifer then stole Dipper's angel blade for their escape.

Powers and Abilities[]

Dipper appeared to be a regular low-level demon with all the powers of one.

  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, he needed a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon, he would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon he was invulnerable to normal methods of harm. Being stabbed in the side of the neck with Lucifer's stick caused him pain but was otherwise not physically harmful.


Dipper possessed the regular weaknesses of a demon.



  • Castiel smiting Dipper is the first time Castiel has used his smiting power on a demon since Season 8's Goodbye Stranger. Its also the first time he's smote someone on-screen since Castiel killed Theo in Holy Terror, a span of over four years time. During that time, Castiel used his angel blade to kill demons rather than his powers.
  • Dipper may not be his actual name as he stated that "they call me Dipper."