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Diminutive Size is the condition of being remarkably small owned by some supernatural creatures, their stature can differ from one species to another. It can be either a power/advantage (specially when used along with other powers like flight or teleportation to facilitate locomotion) or a weakness/disadvantage due to the lack of strength or resistance.

Beings with this Abillity/Condition[]

  • Croatoan Virus - As a demonic virus, their microscopic size allows them to infect humans and turn them into zombies.
  • Tinks - Used mostly as a advantage since that they also can fly, it is very difficult to hit them, however it is also a weakness since they can be trapped in microwaves for example, and killed very easily once captured. For some reason Tinks don't wear any clothes but are still ashamed and angry when someone sees their nude body, however their nudity is hidden due to their size and natural glowing.
  • Elves - They were never seen engaging in a physical fight, but even though their size could difficult to manipulate tools, it appears to not bother them.
  • Khan Worms - Due to their size, they can enter in a person's ear or mouth in order to possess their body and reproduce inside them, when not possessing someone, they can be smashed very easily.
  • Binbōgami - He is not affected at all by his size due to his intangibility and teleportation.


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