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I really think you guys have spunk. You're like a planet of just the cutest little engines that could. But... like the late, great actual Dick Roman used to say to the whores he'd kick out of the presidential suite... "Cute don't quite hack it, sugar."

Richard "Dick" Roman was a billionaire businessman and the secret leader of the Leviathans, having murdered the real Dick Roman shortly after they were unknowingly released by Castiel. It is through his initiative and machinations that the Leviathan intended to subjugate humanity as their meat and rule the Earth with themselves at the top of the food chain.[1][2]

While leviathan despise all other species, he is shown to have a great hatred of demons that exceeds even his feelings about humanity, rejecting the demon Crowley's offer to join their forces together. Dick told the King of Hell that if the Leviathans had free time, they could very well wipe demonkind from the Earth.[3] He is also directly responsible for the death of Bobby Singer as he is the one who shot him.[2]

Dick is eventually killed by Dean Winchester with the aid of Castiel during the Battle of SucroCorp with the Bone of Righteous Mortal Washed in the Three Bloods of Fallen. As he dies, Dick emits energy waves and laughs before exploding into black goo. As a side effect of his death, Dean and Castiel are pulled to Purgatory along with him.[1]

Early life

A piece of the real "Dick Roman."

The human Dick Roman was a billionaire businessman who was one of the fifty most powerful men in America. He owned the corporation Richard Roman Enterprises. At some point between Hello, Cruel World and Slash Fiction he was killed and replaced by the leader of the Leviathans after they escaped into the public water supply.[4] Since he was killed and replaced by the leader of the Leviathans, Roman had risen to the rank of being one of the top 35 most powerful men in America and embarked on a ruthless corporate takeover agenda, focusing specifically on the food industry.[2] The real Richard Roman's arm was kept in an icebox. The Leviathan Dick was the only leader the Leviathans had ever had since the beginning of their species and they were completely reliant on him for direction.[1]

Season 6

When Castiel opened the door to Purgatory to absorb its 40 million monster souls, he also unknowingly absorbed the Leviathans, including the one that would become Dick Roman.[5]

Season 7

When Castiel begins his crusade as the new God, the Leviathans, including the leader that would become Dick, manage to gain control of Cass when he sends the other souls back to Purgatory, declaring that "This is going to be so much fun."[6]

After the Leviathans escaped, Edgar was sent out hunting for some leviathans who were drawing human attention. Edgar reminded the other leviathan in the area to get the others in line since their boss hated bad news. He (the Leviathan leader) was also the one who sent Edgar to kill the Winchesters.[4] At some point after this the Leviathan leader killed and took the appearance of Dick Roman to utilize his resources for their plan. 

Dick meets Crowley and rejects his offer.

Dick received a call from Agent Valente that Leviathan Dean and Leviathan Sam were dead and that the real Winchesters were gone. He suggested cloning them again, but Dick told him not to, further explaining that they could not have the brothers come back from the dead for a second time as not even the American media would believe that. He threatened Valente with "bibbing" if he fails again. When Dick got into his limo, he found Crowley waiting for him. Crowley introduced himself and suggested that they should work together, but Dick was unimpressed by his offer. When Crowley points out that it was he who freed the Leviathans by opening the portal to Purgatory, Dick laughed and says that he was not interested in working with demons. He considered them to be even lower than humans and even threatened to wipe out their entire species if he did not have more important things to do. This resulted in Crowley teleporting away.[3]

Dick observing the experiment.

Dick went to review the experiment being conducted by Dr. Gaines. Gaines had synthesized a food additive which he had put into the "Turducken Slammer". It was very addictive, and consumption led to weight gain, and dampening of people's emotional responses until they were very apathetic. After cooking, a tainted Turducken Slammer will revert to the grey goo state. However, in 0.03% of cases, consumption resulted in "hyper-adrenalised cannibalism". Dick was not happy as the 'failures' have killed locals and holiday makers, thus resulting into the media reporting the events. More importantly, the head leviathan pointed out that Dr. Gaines' failures have broken Dick's golden rule - there's no such thing as monsters. As punishment he 'bibbed' Dr Gaines - literally placing a plastic bib on him, and made him eat himself.

Dick shooting the Winchesters van.

After Bobby was captured spying on the complex, Dick said he may keep Bobby alive, relying on Sam and Dean  coming to rescue him, which proved to be true. In the ensuing fight, Dick was sprayed with Borax by Sam, but it had little effect on him. Dean poured the rest of his Borax onto Dick so they could make a quick getaway. As Bobby jumped into the van that Dean and Sam were waiting in, Dick fired several shots at the van. One of the bullets hit Bobby in his head, which later leads to his death.[2]

Dean threatens Dick.

Dean found Dick in his car outside the hospital where Bobby was in a critical state. When Dean yelled that Dick Roman is there, passers-by started taking pictures with their phones. Dean challenged the leviathan to kill him there, but also points out that due to being famous, Dick could not kill him without drawing attention to the Leviathans, which Dick did not want. The leviathan laughed and was unconcerned with Dean's threats.[7]

Dick giving Charlie an assignment.

Dick asked one of his I.T. staff Charlie Bradbury to decrypt Frank Devereaux's hard drive. After more than 24 hours of constant work, she managed to open the files on it. Frank's hard drive had the folders:'The Feeb', 'Richard Roman Enterprises', 'Clones', 'Known Facts', 'Monsters', 'Unsolved Mysteries', 'March of Dimes', 'X-Files' and two folders titled 'Misc. research'.

Dick's talk with Pete.

Charlie started reading files describing the leviathans, and their activities, including their connection to Dick. Concluding it all sounds crazy, she went in search of her supervisor Pete, who has gone to the parking garage for a cigarette. Down there, Dick was telling Pete that Charlie was one of the few humans who are special, and thus could not be fully copied by the leviathans, in contrast to Pete. Charlie then watched as one of Roman's men turned into Pete and began to eat him - verifying all information she read in Frank's files.

Dick after being hit by a borax bomb.

Later, Dick asked Charlie what she has found on the hard drive, unaware that she has just stolen his emails and wiped the hard drive. Dick was disappointed that there is no mention of the Winchesters on the hard drive. Dick was then excited that a package he has been awaiting for has arrived. However, Charlie found information on the package - which has been transported from one of Roman's archaeological digs in Iran - and alerted Sam and Dean who switch the package for a case containing a borax bomb. Inside the case, the Winchesters found a slab of clay. When Roman's minions arrive with the switched package, Charlie tried to leave the building. The borax bomb explodes but Dick is unharmed and puts the building on lockdown.

Dick taunting Bobby.

As Charlie tried to escape, Bobby's ghost was able to shatter the glass on the front doors by freezing it. He then launched a frenzied attack on Dick, breaking Charlie's arm in the process. Dick was unhurt and called out for his unseen attacker to show himself. A few moments later, the Winchester brothers burst into the building and rescue Charlie. Unable to kill Dick, they fled with Charlie and Bobby. Angered, Dick ate the leviathan that failed to pick up this package.[8]

Dick contacted Edgar over his cell phone with new orders to kidnap Kevin Tran.[9]

Dick appeared on a TV show in an interview with a reporter. Dick explained his reasons for purchasing SucroCorp, a major food corporation responsible for producing high fructose corn syrup - a primary ingredient in most processed foods. In the interview, Dick stated that he intends to perfect and purify high fructose corn syrup in order to make Americans "living longer and tasting better." The reporter asked if he means the food will taste better, and Dick smiles and says yes.

Dick meeting Kevin, the prophet.

After the interview, Dick ordered Susan to kill and replace the reporter, and barbecue her corpse. He then spoke with Kevin, the Prophet who had just been taken prisoner by Edgar. Dick asked him to translate the tablet containing the Word of God on it. He offered Kevin a letter of recommendation to Princeton if he cooperates. Kevin, however, already knew what Dick really was and refused, so Dick showed him a video of Kevin's mother being held hostage. Kevin immediately suffered a breakdown and agreed to translate the tablet. After he was finished, Dick ordered Edgar to have Kevin's mother released, under the condition that she does not talk. Meanwhile, Dick told Kevin he wanted the prophet to stay a while longer. He then dispatched Edgar to deal with "an old friend" - later revealed to be the Alpha Vampire.

Dick talks with Crowley.

Dick summoned Crowley and trapped him in a devil's trap. He then asked Crowley to sit down as they have a lot to talk about.[10]

Dick made a deal with Crowley, to try and stop him giving the blood, but suspecting Crowley would cheat him, he had several other leviathans take his form, as an attempt to fool the Winchesters. He later gave a conference to all the other higher leviathans, about how the plan was coming, and gave them a demonstration of a poison designed to kill humans with traits that leviathans considered as undesirable. 

Dick stabbed with the weapon.

During the attack on SucroCorp, Dean and Castiel search for Dick through the building as Sam rescues Kevin. They locate a Dick Roman in the conference room, but Castiel is able to tell it's not the correct one. They eventually located Dick in his lab as he complimented Royce on "the slickest little genocide in history." Dick turned his back for a moment and when he turned around Dean and Castiel had appeared and dispatched Royce. Totally unconcerned with their actions, Dick told them what they did was "a little abrupt, but okay" and maliciously thanked Castiel for unleashing his kind upon the Earth. Dick admitted to being impressed that Dean was able to pull the anti-Leviathan weapon together and showed no fear of it due to his deal with Crowley and told Dean he couldn't even be sure he was the real Dick Roman. However, Dean told him he can't trust Crowley and while Dean can't tell the Dick Romans apart, Castiel can.

Dick explodes.

Declaring their meeting over, Dick started to go after Dean only to have Castiel attack him. Dick easily overpowered the angel, throwing him into a wall only to turn around and have Dean stab him in the heart with the weapon. The weapon has no affect on Dick who mocks "did you really think you could trump me?" Telling him he really didn't, Dean pulls out the real weapon as Castiel grabs Dick from behind and holds his head back. Taking advantage of the moment, Dean stabs the real weapon through Dick's neck sideways, mortally wounding Dick as Sam and Kevin enter the room. Dying, Dick begins to emit strange energy waves and laughs, apparently amused at his defeat. Finally, the energy waves concentrate back into Dick's body and he explodes into black goo, killing him. Dean and Castiel disappear and moments later Crowley appears to tell Sam that he has an army of demons ready to dispatch the other leviathans in SucroCorp. Killing Dick had the intended effect of defeating the Leviathans: he was the only leader the Leviathans ever had and with him dead, they will lose cohesion and become just another type of monster on Earth. However, he refuses to explain why Dean and Castiel disappeared when Dick was killed.

When Dean awakens in Purgatory, Castiel explains that like any other monster, Dick was sent back to Purgatory when he died. Having been in close proximity at the time, the side-effects of the weapon they used to kill him caused Dean and Castiel to be dragged along to Purgatory with him.[1]

Season 8

After the death of Dick, the company Richard Roman Enterprises went bankrupt and the remaining leviathans scattered. Charlie Bradbury mentions that once Dick was dead and the company went "belly up," she felt safe enough to come out of hiding. During Dean's year in Purgatory, it is clear that Dick remains there, but his role amongst the other leviathans is not mentioned.


I believe in good old American values, like unlimited growth. But it's like I always say - if you want to win, then you got to be the shark. And a shark's got to eat.
— Dick Roman
in How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters

Appearing charming and well spoken in the human world, the Leviathan leader inside of Dick commanded both respect and fear among his own kind. He is extremely ruthless and is undoubtedly the strongest of his species, as he mentions clawing his way to the top of the hierarchy. He despised bad news and punished any failure with death. He is extremely cruel and seemed to take great pleasure in "bibbing" his subordinates that fail him. Because of this, all leviathans are terrified of him. He does reward his henchmen leviathan when they are successful in achieving his goals. Roman also despised demons and all non-leviathan monsters and viewed them as even lower life forms than humans, describing demons in particular as being nothing but lazy, ugly mutations and "gold-digging whores"; when Crowley approached him in an effort to form a partnership, Roman simply told the demon that he would rather "swim through hot garbage than shake hands with a bottom feeding mutation like Crowley". Dick warned Crowley to leave them alone, stating that the Leviathans would wipe demonkind out in a heartbeat were they not preoccupied with other matters. A dumbstruck Crowley made a hasty retreat.

Like with the rest of his kind he views humans as a food supply, though he found certain elements such as human inventions like the gun amusing and "cute." Dick was also fascinated with humans like Charlie Bradbury who possessed what he calls the "Spark"; a one in a million element that he attributes to humans who have extra special potential in their fields. While holding extreme contempt for demons, monsters and angels, he admires humans for their ingenuity and progress, as well as their history of warfare and violence. He explained that while a leviathan could copy someone like Charlie, they wouldn't be able to copy her skills and abilities to the same level as those she possesses. When Charlie points out that she can't be cloned, Dick grudgingly states "Don't think that doesn't piss me off." He also states that (unlike many leviathans) he likes his meals prepared and occasionally barbecued. 

He was also something of a masochist as evidenced when Sam dowses him in Borax. While other leviathans reacted to the substance in agony, he merely grinned and complimented the brothers on finding something that could actually hurt them and found the exposure a rush. He also laughed and seemed happy when Bobby attacked him, using his new strength as a ghost to hurt the leviathan. Though usually very cruel and malicious, Dick was actually quite honest as he holds up his end of a deal with Kevin by releasing his mother unharmed. Dick was also exceptionally intelligent, able to avoid any loopholes in his contract with Crowley and devised plans to foil the Winchesters such as placing several copies of himself throughout the building. Dick was so confident of the plan that when confronted by Dean and Castiel he taunted Dean, saying that he couldn't be sure that he was the right Dick Roman, but after Castiel was revealed to have the power to tell that he was, he dropped the act and seemed slightly stunned that he was outwitted. He was also very arrogant as when Dean's attempt to kill him failed he asked him "did you really think you could trump me?" and didn't see that it was a trick. Dick was very confident of his abilities, demonstrated when he doesn't bother restraining Bobby as he believes he could easily catch him if he tried to escape. Dick was also a great marksman as he shot Bobby in the head while he was in a moving van from an impressive distance.  As with many villains, his arrogance proved to be his undoing as he lowered his guard when he thought Dean had failed and it left him wide open to Dean and Castiel's combined attack that killed him.

Powers and Abilities

Dick possessed all the standard abilities of a Leviathan, however his powers are considerably higher than an average member of his kind, probably the highest as he is the Head Leviathan. For example, his durability is significantly higher, to the point of relishing in the effects of Borax, a severe weakness of other leviathans. He was one of the strongest and eldest beings to appear in the series.

  • Superhuman Intelligence - As leader of the Leviathans (a race older than humans, the soul, and even angels), Dick possessed vast knowledge and was the most intelligent of his kind. By copying Castiel's knowledge and memories, he gained further access to immense knowledge and understanding. He was also a master tactician. Even a master schemer and manipulator such as the King of Hell, Crowley, acknowledged his superhuman intelligence.[1] One example was that he was the first in the series to show knowledge and location of the Word of God. He was capable of judging and assessing an individual's skills and intentions and noted that the Leviathans were not always capable of replicating any human's abilities to their full potential.[8] As the sole leader of the Leviathans since their creation, it was his knowledge and intelligence that made them a superior and cohesive force against other threats, and after his death, Crowley noted that the rest of the leviathans were unable to reorganize and simply started to act like other monsters. However, this led to a great deal of arrogance which proved to be his undoing as when Dean failed to kill him, he believed that his plan had succeeded and he couldn't be beaten leading to him dropping his guard, leaving him vulnerable to Dean and Castiel.[1]
  • Borax does not affect Dick, unlike the other Leviathans.

    Invulnerability - Dick's durability threshold was considerably high, even for Leviathans. He could not be killed by anything earthly or conventional methods, and almost every supernatural weapon like angel blades, archangel blades, holy fire and Heaven's weapons are completely useless against him.[9] But, when stabbed with the Bone Of Righteous Mortal Washed In the Three Bloods of Fallen, he died.[1] But, even then, he laughed before exploding and his essence survived and returned to Purgatory.
  • Immunity - Dick was extremely resilient to Borax. While all other leviathans find Borax agonizing, he simply shrugged it off, and quickly regenerated from the damage that he felt as almost enjoyable. While his leviathan subordinate was knocked unconscious when encountering a borax bomb, Roman did not even flinch.
  • Super Strength - Though he rarely engages in physical combat, Dick possessed the highest level of super-strength for a leviathan. He was able to casually throw Castiel across a room with great force when Castiel confronted him. 
  • Immortality - As the leader of the Leviathans, Dick was one of the oldest creatures in the universe, and cannot die from any form of disease or old age.
  • Super Senses - Dick was able to accurately determine it had dropped ten degrees in the room. 
  • Super Stamina - Dick never tired, and unlike normal leviathans he was not as affected by his hunger.
  • Super Speed - Dick possesses great speed, so much so that he didn't even bother restraining Bobby, as he knew he could easily catch him if he tried to escape.
  • Monstrous Jaws - Like every leviathan, he could change his facial features to form a giant mouth with rows of sharp teeth. This served as the Leviathans' primary weapon and way to feed.
  • Shapeshifting - Like all leviathans, upon absorbing his victims' DNA, Dick could assume their physical forms, skills and memories.
  • Possession - Like all leviathans, he could possess humans with ease.
  • Spell-Casting (limited) - Dick was able to summon Crowley in order to capture him in a Devil's Trap.
  • Regeneration - Dick was able to heal from severe borax burns on his face, even completely restoring one of his eyes which had been melted. He also recovered after being shot twice in the back by Bobby. 
  • Angelic Power Negation - Like all leviathans, Dick is able to block an angel's powers through their physical presence, though whether this includes archangels is unknown.  It's unknown if this ability is limited to just angels or if it extends to other creatures such as demons.


Harming, Misleading or Trapping

  • Borax - Borax is agonizing for Dick and burns his flesh.
  • Ghosts - Bobby, tapping into his vengeful rage, invisibly surprised him and shoved him, but the Leviathan was more amused than hurt.  
  • Castiel - As a result of all of the Leviathans being inside of Castiel's vessel, Castiel can see through Dick's physical form and identify him.

Banishing and Killing


Killed By

As Castiel restrained Dick from behind, Dean stabbed him through the side of the neck with the Bone of Righteous Mortal Washed in the Three Bloods of Fallen. This caused Dick to pulsate with energy before finally exploding into black goo, killing him.



  • Dick Roman is the main antagonist of Season 7.
  • Showrunner Sera Gamble described the character as "very canny, charming, well-connected new adversary. When we first meet him, Crowley has sought him out specifically to join forces with him to pursue common interests. Put it this way: Crowley doesn't bring a muffin basket to just anyone."[11]
  • According to James Patrick Stuart, the actor who portrayed him, Dick's actual teeth in the show are props that are used to further define the character; the props director that designed them also did them for Mike Myers in Austin Powers.[12]
  • He's the second of four main antagonists to be killed by Dean Winchester. The first was Azazel, the third was Abaddon, and the fourth was Lucifer.
  • Throughout Season 7, his nickname "Dick" was used in many jokes and puns.
  • He is, as of now, the only main antagonist to be killed by two people.
  • He is the first of three powerful enemies to laugh after being mortally wounded by a Winchester. In Stuck in the Middle (With You), Prince of Hell Ramiel became the second when he laughed after being stabbed with the Lance of Michael by Sam. In The Raid, the Alpha Vampire became the third after being shot in the head with The Colt by Sam.
  • It is unknown who acted as Dick's vessel as it was not likely the original Richard Roman, since an arm was still left from Richard's body, or if it was, he could've severed the arm and grown a new one in its place.