There was almost no evidence at the crime scene. The cops had zero to say to me, I even played with you did it but you... (...) So, I moved on.
— Diane explains to Nick why she gave up on solving his family's murder.
in Unhuman Nature

Diane Fargo is the former crime reporter in Pike Creek, Delaware who covered the unsolved murders of Nick's family.


Diane was working as the crime reporter in Pike Creek, Delaware when Nick's family was brutally murdered with a hammer by an unknown assailant. Diane interviewed Nick the next morning about the crime and covered the story for awhile. However, there was almost no evidence, the cops had nothing to say to her and she even played with the idea that Nick did it, especially after Nick vanished. Diane tried to interview Frank Kellogg, the beat cop from Nick's neighborhood, but he vanished and moved to Montauk, New York shortly thereafter. With no leads, Diane was eventually forced to give up on the story and a few years later she moved to Wilmington, North Caroline to work for the Wilmington Tribune.

In 2018, in his quest for revenge, Nick tracks down Diane who agrees to meet with him in the Ovaltime Cafe. Nick tells Diane that his old neighbor, Arty Nielson was murdered a few weeks before and it caused him to want to try to get some answers. Diane explains how she was forced to give up on the story due to so little evidence and had even contemplated Nick having committed the brutal murders. Nick admits that he was getting drunk at the Elk's Lodge the night of the murders and asks Diane if she knows who all of the beat cops in Pike Creek were, having been told by Arty that he witnessed a cop come out of Nick's house on the night of the murder. When Diane confirms her knowledge of the local beat cops, Nick asks who the beat cop in his neighborhood was. Diane identifies Frank Kellogg and tells Nick that he is now working private security in Montauk, catching Nick's interest and giving him a lead on where to look next for answers.

After tracking down Frank, Nick tells him about how he got into contact with Diane who gave him Frank's name. Nick points out that Diane had told him she hadn't been able to interview Frank as he left town after the murders and how suspicious that seems.


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