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Lucifer looking at his mark.

The Devil's Trident isn't, as far as explained, actually a tangible implement used by anyone, but a symbol used in enochian.


The Devil You KnowEdit


The branding on Brady's chest.

Crowley brands Brady's body with the symbol, explaining that it will prevent him from escaping his vessel.

Swan SongEdit

Lucifer doodles the symbol on a window and tells the brothers that he actually causes temperatures to drop rather than being burning hot as he is normally depicted.

Let It BleedEdit


On the door of Dr. Visyak's house.

A variation of the symbol is on the front door of Eleanor Visyak's house.

The Man Who Knew Too MuchEdit


On the wall in Bobby's Panic Room.

The trident is one of the many wards in Bobby's house.

Torn and FrayedEdit


At Crowley's hideout

The trident appears among other warding sigils in the abandoned factory where Crowley is torturing Samandriel.
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