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Devil's Trap is the fifteenth of Supernatural: The Animation. It is a remake of the TV Series' Season 1 finale of the same name.


Sam has a vision of a little girl being chased by Azazel. He wakes up inside the Impala while John and Dean are outside. Later on, while driving through a forest, they are interrupted by Meg, who pins John to a tree, forcing the brothers to flee in the Impala. Meg, now possessed, kidnaps John.

Sam and Dean argue over the situation, only to be interrupted by a call from the real Meg who is in need of their help. They track Meg down to a building, only to be attacked by a possessed Meg again. They manage to fend her off and go further up the tower.

The brothers soon find John tied up and rescue him. Once they've freed him, Meg interrupts them again. Dean is forced to kill Meg using the Colt to protect Sam, and this leaves them both distraught.

Bobby calls to inform them that he is coming to pick them up by helicopter, so the three Winchesters rush to the roof. While there, Dean notices something wrong with John, and Sam aims the Colt at him. John reveals that he is possessed by Azazel, who uses his powers to gravelly wound Dean.

Azazel reveals to Sam that he killed Jessica, much to Sam's horror. Sam tries to shoot, but is reluctant to kill John. Even when John wrestles back control and demands Sam to kill him, Sam continues to resist, enabling Azazel a chance to flee.

Afterwards, Sam is driving the Impala with John in the passenger seat, and Dean unconscious in the back. Bobby is right behind them in his own vehicle. When Sam attempts to talk about the demon with John, he suddenly spots the girl he saw earlier, in the middle of the road.

The Impala, damaged.

The girl's eyes are black, showing possession. She uses her powers to send the Impala rolling down a hill and into a fence. Bobby stops his car in time to avoid the girl, and he stares down in horror. The Winchesters are shown bloodied and unconscious.


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  • Both Tom and the Trucker Demon do not appear in this episode, unlike in the TV version.