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I don't need more! More things, more distractions? I need less. It's time to clear the board. All the other worlds, alternate realities, the subplots... the failed spin-offs... It's time to start cancelling shows.
God decides to destroy the Multiverse
in Galaxy Brain
That girl you saved from a dying world, you think hers was the only one? They're all dying. All the worlds -- each and every world -- but this one. (...) Mmm-hmm. He's been a busy boy -- extinguishing galaxies. Wiping the slate clean -- for the End.
Billie reveals God's actions to Team Free Will 2.0
in Galaxy Brain
Are you finished, sir? Is that all of them?
Nah. Not yet. You know, unwinding whole worlds, some take a snap, but others are more complex. They'll need more time. Attention.

The Destruction of the Multiverse is the months-long effort undertaken by God to destroy the entire Multiverse before turning his attention back to the Main Universe.



After the Nephilim Jack Kline dies due to having his grace stolen by Lucifer, he is resurrected by Castiel and Lily Sunder with the help of Enochian Magic that draws on the power of his soul. While it is originally planned to only use the magic to sustain Jack's life,[1] he subsequently uses it to kill several of Michael's monsters, burning off more of his soul.[2] After Michael escapes his prison inside of Dean's mind and possesses Rowena MacLeod, Jack burns off his entire soul to exorcise the archangel and kill him, restoring Jack's original Nephilim powers when he absorbs Michael's grace. However, it is not known that he is left completely soulless until sometime later.[3][4]

After killing Nick and preventing him from resurrecting Lucifer,[4] Jack accidentally kills Mary Winchester when she confronts him over his soulless state. Following a failed attempt at resurrecting her,[5] Jack is tricked by Duma into creating more angels and supporting her reign of terror before Duma is killed by Castiel. Unable to kill Jack themselves, the Winchesters trick him into the Ma'lak Box and lock Jack up. However, Jack is able to escape his confinement and angrily takes off.[6][7]

Following Jack's departure and his placing the whole world under a truth compulsion, God returns to help, although he claims that he can't restore Jack's human soul. Reversing Jack's actions, God provides the Winchesters with a gun he calls the Equalizer with which to kill the young Nephilim. Having come to the conclusion that he is in fact a monster, Jack resigns himself to allowing Dean to kill him while Sam realizes that Chuck wants it for his perfect story and is counting upon Dean's desire for revenge. However, Dean refuses to kill Jack despite Chuck's promises to resurrect his mother in exchange and Team Free Will realizes that Chuck has only been using and manipulating them this whole time. With the Winchesters refusing to cooperate, Chuck smites Jack before Sam shoots Chuck in the shoulder with the Equalizer. Fed up, Chuck declares the story to be over and with a snap of his fingers, turns day into night and rips Hell open,[7] throwing open every door in Hell in the process, including the door to Lucifer's Cage.[8] However, the Winchesters and their allies manage to defeat this Ghostpocalypse.[9]

After being wounded by Sam, God seeks the help of the Darkness in order to heal his wound, but she refuses to help.[10] God eventually manipulates Sam into resurrecting Eileen Leahy[11][12] and uses her to lure Sam into a trap.[13] By showing Sam the future is God is trapped, God is able to break his hope and finally heal his and Sam's gunshot wound. However, Dean promises God that they will never give the ending that God wants and orders God to "go back to Earth 2 and play with your other toys." Undeterred by Dean's promises, Chuck departs and leaves the Main Universe for the time being.[12]


God decides to destroy all of the other worlds.

Shortly after his departure from the Main Universe,[12] God travels to Earth 2 where he monologues to a Radio Shed Clerk about his creation of the Multiverse and all of the other Sam's and Dean's out there, using the store's TV screens to display images of God's various worlds. God comes to the conclusion that what he needs is less, not more and that he needs to destroy the Multiverse and leave the Main Universe as his only remaining world, getting rid of all of his other "distractions."

The Bad Place is destroyed

Over the next month, God operates from the Radio Shed on Earth 2, forcing the clerk to serve him as he destroys the Multiverse through various cataclysmic events which God observes using the TV screens in the store. After a month, one of the worlds that God targets is the Bad Place which Dark Kaia detects through her connection to the Main Universe Kaia who is still trapped in the Bad Place. Dark Kaia ambushes Jody Mills in order to force the Winchesters to send her back with the help of a resurrected Jack, revealing the survival of their Kaia to them. However, Jack can't open a rift to the Bad Place without risking revealing his resurrection to God. Eventually, with the reluctant help of the Reaper Merle, Jack manages to mask the use of his powers and open a rift to the Bad Place which is in the grips of a cataclysmic storm. The Winchesters and Dark Kaia manage to rescue Kaia, but Dark Kaia decides to remain behind to die with her world as it's destroyed by the storm. Upon their return, Billie kills Merle and reveals that God is responsible for the destruction of the Bad Place, but is also destroying every world aside from their own.

God destroying Earth 2 with meteors.

Satisfied with the destruction that he is causing, God decides to leave Earth 2, to continue with his work. The Radio Shed Clerk questions if he's done, but God admits that he's not, that while some worlds can be easily destroyed, others will require more time and attention. The young man asks if God will spare Earth 2 since the clerk had served him for weeks and God reassures the young man that he'll be fine and that "everything's just fine." However, as God departs, he conjures a meteor storm to destroy Earth 2 behind him.[14]

Not long afterwards, HunterCorp World falls victim to a cataclysmic explosion that God unleashes upon that world. The alternate Sam, Dean and John Winchester manage to open a rift to escape before the explosion hits, but only Sam and Dean emerge from the rift in the Main Universe while John either doesn't make it or gets sent to a different world. However, as their world is destroyed, Sam and Dean get sucked back into the rift and get trapped between worlds, visible on the bunker wall but unable to interact with anything but each other. Billie arrives to explain that the alternate Winchesters were fleeing their dying world and that Chuck is wrapping up destroying other universes. Billie sends Team Free Will after the Occultum as the next step in making Jack powerful enough to kill God. In order to trick God just in case he decides to check in on them, the Winchesters use a variation of the Demon Tablet Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual to rescue their counterparts and convince the alternate Sam and Dean to pose as their Main Universe selves. After getting the Occultum, the Winchesters send their alternate reality counterparts to a new life in Brazil.[15]

Over the course of the next few months, God continues obliterating the Multiverse which Amara is able to sense. When the Winchesters track her down, Amara notes that God is "very nearly done" destroying all of the other worlds.[16]

Eventually, Chuck burns the last of his worlds alive reducing it to a cinder, an event witnessed by Billie. With the destruction of this final world, God's destruction of the Multiverse is complete, leaving only the Main Universe left intact.[17]


After witnessing the destruction of the last world in the Multiverse, Billie reports on its destruction to Dean Winchester and warns that Chuck could return at any time now. As a result, Billie gives Jack his final instructions for the plan to kill God upon his return and warns Dean that they must be ready.[17]

Shortly thereafter, Chuck returns to the Main Universe in the form of a meteor shower. His return is witnessed by the Darkness who warns Team Free Will 2.0, causing Dean and Jack to put Billie's plan into action against the wishes of Sam and Castiel as they know that it will be fatal to Jack.[18]