The Destruction of Harvelle's Roadhouse is the destruction of the hunter bar known as Harvelle's Roadhouse by demons.


After his brother is kidnapped by the Prince of Hell Azazel, hunter Dean Winchester contacts Ash at Harvelle's Roadhouse in hopes of finding out where the demons might've taken his brother. Ash is unable to find anything on Sam's location but discovers the 100-mile wide devil's trap built by Samuel Colt in Wyoming. Ash alerts Dean that he has found something that he can't talk about on the phone and that he needs to get to the Roadhouse as soon as possible.[1]

Shortly before the attack, owner Ellen Harvelle leaves to get pretzels as they run out. She receives a call from a panicked Ash telling her to look in the hidden safe in the basement before the call cuts out.[2]


Shortly after Ellen leaves, demons attack Harvelle's Roadhouse, presumably having learned of Ash's discovery. The demons kill Ash and the other hunters within and burn the Roadhouse to the ground.[3] By the time Ellen returns after Ash's panicked phone call, the flames are "sky high" and she is unable to do anything to help as everyone is already dead.[4]


Shortly after the attack, the remains of the Roadhouse are discovered by Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer who realize that the demons must've attacked because of whatever Ash found out. The two locate Ash's body in the wreckage, identifiable by the watch he is wearing and presume Ellen dead.[5]

After Sam's death and resurrection, Dean informs him that the Roadhouse has been destroyed and Ash and likely Ellen are dead. Ellen is able to make her way to Bobby's house where she gives the other hunters the information Ash left in the safe on his discovery. Using Ash's information, the hunters are able to determine the existence of something important to the demons in Wyoming.[6]


  • Around some of the dead hunters are weapons, suggesting that they fought back and lost.
  • An exact figure isn't given for the number of hunters killed. Its just stated that "a lot of good hunters died" when the destruction of the Roadhouse is mentioned.
  • In Dark Side of the Moon, Ash's death is confirmed when the Winchesters find Ash in his own personal Heaven which is a replica of the Roadhouse.
  • The attack lasted less than fifteen minutes. In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, Ellen Harvelle states that "I couldn't have been gone more than fifteen minutes" when talking about her narrow escape with the Winchesters and Bobby Singer.


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