Deputy Donelly's pack was a pack of about twenty Nachzehrers led by Deputy Donelly.


At some point after becoming a Nachzehrer, Deputy Donelly created a small pack for himself. Over the course of a hundred years, Deputy Donelly turned three others into Nachzehrer like himself.

After the release of the Darkness, Deputy Donelly decided to increase the size of his pack drastically with the hope of creating an army with which to try to survive the Darkness. Deputy Donelly turned sixteen more people, including Lily Markham and her two children.

However, when Lily's husband refused to join, she killed him and did a poor job of hiding the body. Deputy Donelly staged the scene so it would look like an animal attack, but the murder drew the attention of hunter Sam Winchester who suspected a werewolf attack. Examining the body and the crime scene, the Winchesters quickly determined that they were dealing with a monster, but were clueless as to what kind. While Deputy Donelly attacked Dean at the crime scene, the rest of the pack went after Lily and came into conflict with Sam at her house. Both Winchesters discovered that silver slowed the creatures down, but couldn't kill them.

After examining a picture of Deputy Donelly's fangs and the Men of Letters lore, the Seraphim Castiel was able to identify what the Winchesters were dealing with as a Nachzehrer. Castiel informed them how to kill a Nachzehrer and that killing the pack alpha would restore the humanity of the rest. After Lily captured Dean and restored Deputy Donelly's head to his body, he sent Sam into a trap where the rest of the pack descended upon him.

After Dean killed Deputy Donelly, his pack became human again, ending their attack on Sam. Though Sam was injured, he survived the attack and the Winchesters decided to have Castiel heal their injuries. However, their encounter with the pack left the Winchesters greatly disturbed as it showed that even the monsters feared the Darkness.

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