I just want to thank you both for stoppin' by. We really appreciate your due diligence.
Donelly to Dean

Deputy Donelly was a Nachzehrer from Quaker Valley, Oregon.


Season 11Edit

In preparation for The Darkness, a primordial entity that had recently been set free upon the world, Donelly decided to build an army in order to buy himself some time. Donelly infected approximately sixteen people in three months, one of them was the sheriff's wife, Lily Markham, who ended up killing the sheriff when he refused to be turned.

Sam and Dean Winchester came to Quaker Valley to investigate said sheriff's death. In order to cover his tracks, Donelly attempted to kill Dean but the hunter managed to behead him and hide his still-grumbling head in an ice box. Lily used the brothers' belief that she was a victim to retrieve the head and re-attach it. In retaliation for what Dean did to him, Donelly intended to make Dean Sam's dinner once Sam himself had been turned.

Dean foiled Donelly's plans by crashing the Impala which Donelly had been driving, and stuffing his mouth with copper coins before beheading him, which ensured Donelly stayed dead. As a result, all of Donelly's victims, including Lily, changed back into humans.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a nachzehrer, Donelly possessed the powers of one.

  • Super Strength - He possessed enough strength to overpower humans, but was weak in monster terms as Dean was able to overpower him after a brief fight.
  • Immortality - He could of lived forever, and was well over 100 years old at the time of his death.
  • Regeneration - Donelly was able to regenerate himself after his head was chopped off, though his head needed to be manually be reattached.
  • Invulnerability - Being a nachzehrer, he was rather difficult to kill as being shot with silver and being decapitated only slowed him down, but had no harmful effects. He could only be killed by placing a copper coin in his mouth then decapitating him.



  • Actor Teach Grant also portrayed Christopher Fisher in season 7's episode "Defending Your Life".
  • He is decapitated with a car door. Buffy kills a vampire in a similar manner in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, though as it is a regular vampire, she does not have to put coins in his mouth first.
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