Dean: Howdy, pilgrim.

Deputy: I ain't no pilgrim.

— Deputy meets Dean Winchester

This unnamed deputy appeared in Frontierland.


Season 6Edit

In 1861, the deputy was responsible for nearly raping the wife of Elias Finch when the latter was separated from her. When Finch discovered the deputy's indiscretion and attempted to intervene, the deputy shot them both. However, Finch, being a phoenix, did not die and when the sheriff arrived to investigate the gunshots, the deputy framed Finch for the murder of his wife.

On March 4, the deputy stood by the sheriff and Judge Tye Mortimer as Finch was sentenced to death by hanging. Before he was hung, Finch swore that the three of them would burn in retribution.

Subsequently, the sheriff's office was visited by Sam and Dean Winchester, who were posing as Texas Ranger Walker and Marshal Clint Eastwood, who asked if they knew Samuel Colt. The deputy remained silent, reading his book through the entire conversation.

Finch survived the hanging and murdered both the judge and sheriff via incineration. Knowing that he would be next, the deputy was packing up to leave and see his sister when Dean came knocking on his door, having been deputized as the new sheriff. He tells the deputy that Finch won't rest until he's hunted him down and instead decided to use him as bait by locking him up. When Finch entered the sheriff's office, demanding that Dean open the deputy's cell, Dean deduced that Finch couldn't touch iron, which bars separating the deputy from Finch was composed of. Finch then tried to win the sheriff over by telling how the deputy ruined his life. He stated he enjoyed seeing the deputy fearful and behind bars, deeming he "saved the best for last".

When Dean looks to the deputy to inquire if Finch's story was true, to which the latter confirmed with a nervous shrug. Though Dean labeled the deputy a "dick and a coward" for his actions, he declared that Finch still had to die. Finch then grabbed a gun and shot the deputy through the bars, killing him and getting his revenge.



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