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Demonic Omens are signs of the presence of demons.

Types of Demonic OmensEdit

  • Cattle Mutilations
  • Crop Failures
  • Electric Storms


Season 1Edit

In Salvation, after agreeing to let his sons help him track down the Prince of Hell Azazel, John Winchester shows them all of the demonic omens that appeared for a week before Azazel's most recent murders and reveals that he checked and found that they also appeared before Mary Winchester's murder and Jessica Moore's. John warns them that the signs are starting again, pointing to Salvation, Iowa.

Season 2Edit

In Everybody Loves a Clown, the Winchesters are having a hard time understanding John's research regarding Azazel and the omens pointing to his presence. They later travel to Harvelle's Roadhouse after finding an old voicemail from Ellen Harvelle who suggests that Ash can help them. After looking over John's research, Ash promises to come up with a way to use it to track Azazel within fifty-one hours.

After the Winchesters return for the case Ellen sent them on, Ash reveals that he's rigged up a program to track the omens, though there is no sign of the demon currently. Ash promises to monitor the program and as soon as any sign of the demon pops up, he will let them know.

In Simon Said, after receiving a premonition of a man dying in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Sam has Ash check for any signs of demonic omens in the area. Ash finds nothing so Sam has him look for one of the Special Children instead.

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1, after Sam had been abducted for the Special Children Competition, Dean has Bobby Singer check into demonic omens. Bobby finds no sign of any demonic omens in the United States for the past month. Bobby tells Dean that he looked into regular low-level stuff such as minor exorcisms, but found nothing at all. As they look for clues, Ash calls Dean telling him that he found no clues on Sam but found something bigger, but the Roadhouse is destroyed before Ash can explain it to Dean.

In All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2, after Dean arrives at his house with a resurrected Sam, Bobby shows them that he has found a "tidal wave" of demonic omens that "sky-rocketed out of nowhere" in Southern Wyoming except for in one area that is completely clean as if the demons are circling it. Shortly afterwards, Ellen arrives with a hidden map left by Ash before his death revealing a giant one-hundred mile Devil's Trap surrounding the area of Wyoming that the signs point to. The Winchesters, Bobby and Ellen realize that the demons are circling the trap, either looking for a way in or waiting for something that the trap is keeping locked up to come out.

Season 3Edit

In The Magnificent Seven, Bobby calls Dean and Sam, and tells them about a possible lead on a demonic omen outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. They also mention that there were massive demonic omens the night the Devil's Gate opened and then nothing for awhile.

In Bloodlust, the Winchesters investigate some cattle mutilations that they take to be demonic omens. However, it turns out to a nest of vampires feeding on cattle instead of humans.

In Sin City, Sam finds some possible demonic omens in Elizabethville, Ohio as well as a few strange deaths to help confirm the possible demonic presence. The Winchesters agree to check it out while Bobby continues to work on the Colt.

In Long-Distance Call, after getting a call that is supposedly from John Winchester, Dean shows Sam what he believes to be demonic omens showing that the demon who holds his deal is following them.

Season 4Edit

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Lilith decides to set an ambush for Sam. She causes demonic omens that indicate her presence in town, but in reality left two assassins to kill Sam.

In When the Levee Breaks, when Dean searches for Sam, Bobby finds a town near where Sam's stolen car was found that had some demonic omens, indicating the presence of Ruby. This allowed Dean to find Sam's location.

Season 5Edit

In Good God, Y'all, Dean uses the omens in River Pass, Colorado to identify War as the culprit.

In Free To Be You and Me, Sam notices some biblical omens on the news and contacts Bobby Singer who sends some hunters to deal with the demons. However, this ends up causing problems for Sam when one of the hunters dies in the process and the others learn of his psychic powers.

In Abandon All Hope..., after learning from Crowley that Lucifer is in Carthage, Missouri, Dean checks and finds that Carthage is "lit up like a Christmas tree with Revelation omens." Bobby Singer later determines that the omens point to Lucifer trying to raise one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death.

In 99 Problems, after being rescued by the Sacrament Lutheran Militia, the Winchesters note that the corner of the state where Blue Earth, Montana is located was "lighting up" with demonic omens. The omens are shown to reflect the Blue Earth Demons and the Whore of Babylon.

In The Devil You Know, the Winchesters and Bobby attempt to use omens to track down Pestilence, but are always left one step behind him. Eventually, Crowley offers them another solution to their search.

Season 8Edit

In A Little Slice of Kevin, a sudden tornado occurs when a demon kidnaps young Aaron Webber. The Winchesters note similar demonic omens all over world when people mysteriously disappear. After learning from Castiel that the victims are future Prophets, they realize that the omens are being generated by low-level demons snatching the bearers of God's word. After Crowley's demons kidnap the last future Prophet named by Samandriel, the omens stop as noted by Sam.

In Trial and Error, after learning that the First Trial is to kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood, Sam begins looking for demonic omens from ten years before in order to locate someone who has made a deal. Sam eventually finds demonic omens from ten years before pointing to Shoshone, Idaho where a family suddenly struck oil on their land when there wasn't supposed to be any, suggesting that someone had made a demon deal that is about to come due.

Season 9Edit

In Devil May Care, when the Knight of Hell Abaddon has a few of her demons take on stronger vessels on a military base, it causes freak thunderstorms and every cow in a three-mile radius to die. Noticing the demonic omens, the Winchesters investigate and learn of Abaddon's actions.

Season 10Edit

In The Things They Carried, due to Rick Willis and Kit Verson's strange behavior, Dean suspects demonic possession and checks the area for any signs of omens. However, he finds nothing to indicate a demonic presence, causing Dean and Sam to rule out the possibility.

Season 12Edit

In Stuck in the Middle (With You), the hunter Wally reports some cattle mutilations as possible demonic omens while the Winchesters hunt Ramiel. However, this is just a trick as Mary Winchester has been sent after Ramiel by the British Men of Letters and is having Wally come up with a plausible story so Sam and Dean don't know what she's up to.

In The British Invasion, when the Prince of Hell Dagon teleports to where the Winchesters, Eileen Leahy, Mick Davies and Renny Rawlings are meeting with Kelly Kline, it causes strong winds to whip up out of nowhere as she approaches followed by thunder and lightning when Dagon actually appears.

Season 15Edit

In Last Call, Dean searches through the news for demonic omens or signs of monster activity, but he finds no omens and instead a headline about the weather remaining unchanged.


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