The Demon Tablet Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual is a variation of the Alternate Reality Rift Opening Ritual to open a rift in space and time between realities for twenty-four hours. The spell is inscribed on the Main Universe's Demon Tablet.


Fake SpellEdit

The spell, from Donatello Redfield's notes, require a much more complex procedure than the alternative Apocalypse World counterpart.

The spell required a bronze altar that built atop Godsroot, and must be consecrated with holy water. The altar consisted of a bronze bowl anointed by Oil of Abramlin. In the bronze bowl, various ingredients must be placed inside like Dragon's blood, Wolfsbane, Angelica root (all the first three should be grounded into paste), Goofer dust, a liquor made from Dead sea brine, Lamb's Blood, and a relic of a lesser saint. After all the mixture mixed properly, a heart of Gog and Magog should be placed.

However, later it is revealed that the spell is fake, due to Donatello lying about it, under the influence of corruption.

True SpellEdit


When God created The Word of God tablets, he had Metatron inscribe this particular ritual onto the Demon Tablet. The Prince of Hell Asmodeus was also aware of the ritual and what it required.

Somehow, the Men of Letters came to know of the ritual. In 1925, having somehow gathered all of the ingredients, rogue Men of Letters member Diego Avila performed the ritual in the Portsmouth, Rhode Island chapter house to bring Yokoth and Glythur in order to cleanse the Earth and start over. Diego and his followers succeeded in opening the rift and summoning Yokoth who possessed Sandy Porter. Yokoth ate most of the Men of Letters involved, but the survivors managed to close the rift and bound Yokoth who could not be killed.

In 2017, after learning that the Kevin Tran of Apocalypse World was able to use a ritual from his Angel Tablet to open a rift between Apocalypse World and the Main Universe, the Winchesters and Castiel brought the Demon Tablet before Prophet Donatello Redfield to see if he could find a similar ritual so they could rescue their mother and Jack. Though Donatello found the ritual, in his soulless state he was corrupted by the Demon Tablet's power and the Seraphim Castiel was forced to forcibly take the information from his mind. The Winchesters and Castiel then began gathering the ingredients for the spell.

In 2018, after tracking the Seal of Solomon to the Portsmouth chapter house, the Winchesters inadvertently freed Yokoth. Yokoth later used ingredients stored in a hidden compartment to replicate the ritual to open a rift into her own world and bring Glythur into the Main Universe in the body of Dean Winchester. Sam arrived with Marco and Ophelia Avila before she could succeed. Dean managed to free himself and steal the Seal of Solomon which Ophelia used to close the rift. Before the rift closed, Yokoth was pulled back through by Glythur.

Following the defeat of Yokoth, the Avilas gave the Winchesters the Seal of Solomon and explained what they would need to open the rift into Apocalypse World. In the Men of Letters bunker, Sam performed the ritual using Dean's hair as Dean had previously been to Apocalypse World and some of Gabriel's grace brought to them by Arthur Ketch. With the rift open, Dean and Arthur passed through. After twenty-four hours, the rift closed. Dean made it back through, but Arthur remained behind in the Apocalypse World. However, the Winchesters could not repeat the ritual as Gabriel had left and they no longer possessed any of his grace.

After Gabriel returned to the bunker following the deaths of Fenrir, Narfi, Sleipnir and Loki, the Winchesters were left to wait until Gabriel's grace recharged before they could repeat the ritual and open the rift again. Gabriel was eventually able to come up with a small amount of grace that was used by Rowena MacLeod to perform the ritual. However, while she succeeded in opening the rift, it quickly fizzled out and closed again.

In order to open a rift for long enough to rescue Mary and Jack, the Winchesters, Gabriel and Rowena captured Lucifer and set him up over the spell bowl so that his grace continuously drained into the other ingredients. In this way, the ritual would keep the rift open for much longer than the twenty-four hours and Sam, Dean Castiel and Gabriel went through to find Jack and Mary. However, Lucifer was eventually able to break free and was inadvertently blasted through the rift by Rowena in self-defense. With the ritual's power source gone, Rowena began searching through the Black Grimoire for a way to keep the rift open.

Lucifer revealed to the Winchesters that he left behind enough grace to keep the rift open for another thirty-one hours. As time expired, Rowena used a spell from the Black Grimoire to keep the rift open for a short time longer, succeeding in allowing everyone to pass through except for Lucifer who was stranded by Sam before the rift closed. After being stranded, Lucifer offered up the details of the ritual to Michael as part of a proposed alliance. The two were ultimately able to use the ritual to open a rift to the Main Universe and travel through.

In 2020, the Winchesters discuss using the ritual to return to the Bad Place in order to rescue Kaia Nieves. However, they are left faced with the problem of getting archangel grace for the spell. Sam suggests that he could tweak it, but would have to use Jack's Nephilim grace instead which is not an option due to the danger of God sensing Jack's resurrection. Ultimately, with the help of Merle, the Winchesters and Castiel discover a way to shield Jack's use of power from God so that he can open the rift himself.

After an alternate Sam and Dean become trapped between worlds by their rift malfunctioning when their world was destroyed, Dean suggests using the ritual to bring them to the Main Universe. As the alternate Winchesters are already halfway there, Dean suggests that Castiel's grace will suffice rather than needing archangel grace. The attempt succeeds, bringing the alternate Winchesters to the bunker.


The spell requires the Blood of A Most Holy Man, Fruit of the Tree of Life, the Seal of Solomon and an archangel's grace. In order to open a rift to the right alternate reality, the spell requires something that has already been to that world to act as a guide or the right door won't open. If a person who has been to the alternate reality is opening the door, they can use their own hair for this requirement.

Once the ingredients have been gathered, the Fruit has to be ground into the bowl with at least two Fruit being needed. The blood is poured over the crushed up Fruit. The ritual only appears to require a small amount of blood to work. Finally, something that's been to the world the rift is opening to is added on top with the archangel grace poured over the other ingredients once they are ready. After the grace is added, the bowl will begin glowing with a white light. The Seal of Solomon must then be held above the bowl which will cause the Seal to light up. At this point, the following incantation must be said:

Koth Munto Notox.

The spell will channel through the Seal of Solomon as a stream of purple energy and the rift will then open in the a short distance in the direction the Seal of Solomon is pointing. Once the door is open, it will remain open for twenty-four hours before closing unless the reversal spell is used to close it early. According to Ophelia Avila, there is no telling what will be on the other side of the door once it is opened. Even when used to open a rift to the same world more than once, the rift it opens does not take the user to the same destination as the previous use.

The rift's power can be augmented through a spell from the Black Grimoire. However, the spell only keeps the rift open for a few minutes longer.


To reverse the spell and close the rift before the twenty-four hours are up, the caster must point the Seal of Solomon at the rift and recite an incantation:

Panto Koth Munto

The Seal of Solomon will then glow purple, causing the rift to immediately begin to close. The rift will quickly seal and anything inside of it will be pulled back to its own world.


When Rowena MacLeod performed the spell, she was able to channel it through her hands instead of the Seal of Solomon. The rest of the ingredients remained the same though the incantation was slightly altered:

Koth Munto Nontox

The only major difference in this variation was the way the ritual was channeled.


In another variation, while continuously draining the grace of Lucifer into the ritual instead of just using an extracted bit, the rift that was opened could stay open as long as the archangel grace continued draining into the bowl to power it. Rowena appeared to believe that magic from the Black Grimoire could be used to keep the rift open longer once Lucifer was gone and no longer acting as a power source. In this version of the ritual, it still used the same ingredients and incantation and was also channeled through Rowena's hands instead of the Seal of Solomon.

When an alternate Sam and Dean become trapped between worlds, Dean suggests using a variation of the ritual to bring them to the Main Universe. As the alternate Sam and Dean are already halfway there, archangel grace is not needed and instead they are able to use Castiel's grace. This variation also lacks the Seal of Solomon and is performed by Sam setting up the bowl of ingredients beneath where the alternate Sam and Dean are visible. Sam then recites the incantation:

Koth Munto Nontox

Once the incantation is completed, a flash of light occurs, transporting the alternate Sam and Dean to the Main Universe.

Known UsersEdit



  • Despite the fact that Dean has been to both Apocalypse World, the Bad Place and an an unnamed universe, his hair is enough of a guide for the ritual to open the rift to the Apocalypse World instead of any other universe he's been to.
  • The Seal of Solomon appears to act merely as a means to channel the ritual's power as Rowena MacLeod was able to use it by channeling it through her hands instead with no sign of the Seal.
  • While arguing with Gabriel about the ritual, Rowena stated that "a drunk six-year old could execute that magic," indicating that despite its powerful nature and rare ingredients, the ritual is rather simple to perform and doesn't require a great deal of magical knowledge.
  • Both times the Winchesters have used the ritual, Dean's hair was used to act as the guide.
  • Its unknown what Diego Avila used as a guide to open a rift to Yokoth and Glythur's World.
  • If the Apocalypse World Kevin Tran had used this ritual instead of the one from his Angel Tablet, Michael would've succeeded in leading his armies through to the Main Universe before anyone was aware of the threat. However, Kevin used the Angel Tablet instead of the Demon Tablet and remained unaware of this ritual.
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