Our next lot, the word of God, capital "G" -- very old, very rare.
Beau on the Demon Tablet
in What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
The Demon Tablet is one of three known Words of God. It pertains to the nature of Demons. It also has a ritual to open a rift to another world.



Along with the other tablets, God had the his Scribe Metatron dictate the Demon Tablet while God was forming creation. God created the Demon Tablet specifically to give information on demons to the human race and like the other tablets, it could only be read by a Prophet.

At an unknown point, the Demon Tablet was located by the King of Hell Crowley and removed from where it had been hidden.

Season 8Edit

In We Need To Talk About Kevin, after the Winchesters find the Prophet Kevin Tran, he reveals that he has learned to defend himself from demons because of information he learned from the Demon Tablet, surprising the Winchesters as they were unaware that there was anything other than the Leviathan Tablet.

Kevin explains how after Crowley captured him, he brought Kevin to a warehouse where he had the Demon Tablet waiting for him. While captured, Kevin translated the tablet and claimed that it contained information on Hell Gates and how to open them. Though Kevin promised to open a Hell Gate for Crowley, instead he tricked Crowley into gathering ingredients for a demon bomb described in the tablet. Kevin was able to use the demon bomb to kill his guards and escape with the Demon Tablet.

In the present, Kevin reveals that he has hidden the tablet somewhere safe and that he discovered that the Demon Tablet contains a way to close the Gates of Hell forever.

In What's Up, Tiger Mommy?, the Winchesters, Kevin and his mother work to locate the Demon Tablet which has been stolen from the bus station locker Kevin hid it in by a man named Clem. Dean forces Clem to reveal that he sold it to a pawn shop where Linda pressures the clerk into giving up the location of the person he sold it to.

The search for the Demon Tablet ultimately leads to Plutus' Auction House where the tablet is being auctioned off amongst other valuable items to the highest bidder. Though Kevin tries to simply read the spell off of the tablet while its on display, Plutus and his men took the precaution of covering the tablet with a metal plate to prevent such a thing from occurring. At the auction, the Winchesters, Crowley and the angel Samandriel are amongst those bidding before Kevin is added to the sale. Finally, Linda bids her own soul to save her son and wins both the tablet and Kevin.

Unwilling to let the tablet go, Crowley makes a deal with Beau that enables him to possess Linda and instigate a fight to steal the tablet. In the fight that follows, both Plutus and Beau are killed, but Crowley flees to his usual vessel when Dean tries to kill him in Linda's body. Crowley is able to get the Demon Tablet while the Winchesters are distracted, having learned from Linda's mind that it contains how to seal the Gates of Hell forever. Crowley is able to escape with the Demon Tablet.

In A Little Slice of Kevin, Crowley uses the captured Samandriel to track down and kidnap all of the future Prophets in hope that one will be able to read the Demon Tablet for him. None of the future Prophets possess the ability to read the Demon Tablet, but Crowley is able to capture Kevin and force him to translate the tablet by cutting off Kevin's pinkie finger. From the translation, Crowley learns that there is a compendium of tablets, not just Leviathan and Demon.

Having learned Crowley's location from a captured demon, the Winchesters and the Seraphim Castiel launch a rescue mission for Kevin and the future Prophets. Crowley and Castiel end up in a confrontation with each other over the tablet, leading to Castiel attempting to blast Crowley. Crowley attempts to take the Demon Tablet and run, but Castiel smashes the tablet with his elbow, breaking it in half. Kevin is left with one half of the tablet while Crowley escapes with the other half.

Following his rescue, Kevin and his half of the Demon Tablet are sent to Garth's houseboat for safety and to translate the tablet in order to find the way to close the Gates of Hell. When Dean and Castiel arrive in Torn and Frayed to get the list of ingredients to make demon bombs, Kevin is translating the tablet and has been doing so to the exclusion of all else, including his mother.

In Trial and Error, Kevin finally succeeds in translating the part of the Demon Tablet talking about closing the Gates of Hell. Kevin discovers that there are three Trials that someone must perform in order to close the Gates of Hell and manages to translate the First Trial: kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood. Kevin relays the information to the Winchesters who set about completing the First Trial.

At Dean's request, Kevin searches the tablet for information on how to see hellhounds which are naturally invisible and Kevin is able to find a line stating that "the dire creatures may be seen only by the damned or through an object scorched with Holy Fire." After Kevin relays the information to the Winchesters, Dean is able to create the Hellhound Glasses to see and kill Crowley's hellhound.

In Goodbye Stranger, under the control of Naomi, Castiel claims that Crowley is searching Lucifer's Crypts for a parchment that will allow Crowley to translate his half of the Demon Tablet rather than revealing that Crowley is actually searching for the Angel Tablet. The Winchesters later learn the truth from Meg.

In Taxi Driver, the stress of translating the Demon Tablet makes Kevin hallucinate that Crowley is in his head, driving him into a panic. However, he is also able to translate the Second Trial for the Winchesters: rescue an innocent soul from Hell and deliver it unto Heaven. As Sam rescues Bobby Singer from Hell, Kevin slips out and hides his half of the Demon Tablet to take some of the pressure off of him, angering Dean. Kevin refuses to give up the tablet's location however.

At the same time, Crowley deduces what the Winchesters and Kevin are up to and is enraged, particularly since Kevin's half of the Demon Tablet appears to have "the good stuff" while Crowley's has the acknowledgements and "about the author." Crowley is eventually able to capture Linda and use her to track down Kevin. By the time the Winchesters return to the houseboat, Kevin has been captured by Crowley once again and all of his notes on the Demon Tablet stolen.

In The Great Escapist, the Winchesters receive a message from Kevin containing all of his notes on the Demon Tablet, but they are unable to find anything useful about the Third Trial. A symbol copied from the Demon Tablet into Kevin's notes leads the Winchesters to Metatron, the Scribe of God who originally wrote the tablet.

At the same time, Crowley sets Kevin and his notes up in an illusion of Garth's houseboat, using two Winchester imposters to interact with and trick Kevin. As part of this, Crowley has the two demons bring Crowley's half of the Demon Tablet to translate with a story of how they managed to steal it from Crowley. Kevin eventually manages to see through the illusion and trap the two imposters, leading Crowley to confront him. Kevin claims that Crowley is unaware of the true power the Demon Tablet can give him, but Crowley doesn't care and attempts to kill Kevin before he is rescued by Metatron.

Following his rescue, Kevin reveals to the Winchesters that he managed to steal Crowley's half of the Demon Tablet when Metatron rescued him. From the second half of the tablet, Kevin now knows the Third Trial: to cure a demon.

In Sacrifice, Crowley demands the whole Demon Tablet as part of the deal he offers in exchange for stopping his Attack on Saved People. Dean agrees if Crowley will trade the Demon Tablet for the Angel Tablet which Crowley reluctantly concedes to. In order to facilitate the trade, Kevin digs up his half of the Demon Tablet and uses his power as a Prophet to repair it, making the Demon Tablet whole once more.

In the ruins of Singer Salvage Yard, the Winchesters and Crowley meet to make the trade with Sam carrying the Demon Tablet. Ultimately, the Winchesters are able to trick Crowley and capture him, retaining the Demon Tablet and getting the Angel Tablet as well in the process.

Season 9Edit

In Holy Terror, after murdering Kevin Tran, the rogue angel Gadreel steals the Demon Tablet and the Angel Tablet for Metatron.

In Road Trip, Gadreel meets with Metatron in a bar and supplies Metatron with the backpack containing the Demon and Angel Tablets. Metatron is pleased to see the tablets, but is less than pleased to learn that Gadreel did not kill Dean Winchester as well.

Season 10Edit

In The Hunter Games, while discussing possible cures for the Mark of Cain, Castiel suggests that if they had the Demon Tablet it would be possible to find a cure. However, even with Heaven retaken, the Demon Tablet is still missing and the angels can't find it. Without the Demon Tablet, Castiel reluctantly suggests turning to Metatron for help as Metatron transcribed the tablets and knows what is on them.

In Book of the Damned, Metatron leads Castiel to the abandoned library where Metatron has hidden Castiel's grace. While searching for the grace, Metatron stuns Castiel with a spell and goes to get what he really came for: the Demon Tablet, hidden in one of the library's books. An excited Metatron comments about the "places I'll go with this." Though Metatron initially intended to take the tablet and Castiel's grace, Castiel is able to find his grace, forcing Metatron to flee with just the Demon Tablet.

In the aftermath, Sam and Castiel worry about what Metatron will do with his freedom and the Demon Tablet, but Sam still believes that Castiel made the right choice.

Season 11Edit

In Our Little World, after being captured by Castiel, Metatron immediately believes that Castiel wants the Demon Tablet. Metatron claims that he has hidden the Demon Tablet where Castiel will never find it, only to have Castiel pull the tablet out of his trench coat. To Metatron's surprise, Castiel reveals that he found the Demon Tablet under Metatron's mattress when he searched Metatron's bedbug-infested apartment. Metatron is more annoyed that Castiel broke into his apartment than Castiel finding the tablet.

Season 13Edit

In Devil's Bargain, after learning that the Apocalypse World Kevin Tran used a ritual from his Angel Tablet to open a rift between Apocalypse World and the Main Universe, the Winchesters bring the Demon Tablet before Prophet Donatello Redfield. The Winchesters explain that with their Angel Tablet destroyed, they hope the Demon Tablet, as another Word of God, will also contain a way to open a rift between the worlds.

Unlike Kevin, Donatello has a hard time reading the Demon Tablet, but he is able to determine that the tablet contains a ritual that will open a rift as they want. While talking to Asmodeus disguised as Castiel, Donatello tells him that the ritual has intricate ingredients and is placed under Asmodeus' control with orders to report in to him on what he finds. Later, as the Winchesters and Castiel discuss Arthur Ketch, Donatello continues determinedly translating the tablet.

In Good Intentions, while Donatello succeeds in translating the ritual, the Demon Tablet's power corrupts him due to Donatello's lack of a soul. Donatello provides the Winchesters with a fake ritual and attempts to have Dean and Castiel killed by Gog and Magog who they summon with a spell Donatello provides from the tablet. However, the attempt fails when Dean kills Gog and Magog and Donatello's deception is exposed.

With Donatello having gained new abilities through the spells he has learned off of the tablet, the Winchesters and Castiel argue about what to do with Castiel suggesting that they kill Donatello and have the next Prophet to be called read the Demon Tablet instead. When the Winchesters refuse, Castiel forcibly takes the information from Donatello's mind, leaving Donatello brain-dead. Castiel is able to learn that the true ritual described on the Demon Tablet requires the Blood of A Most Holy Man, Fruit of the Tree of Life, the Seal of Solomon and archangel grace.

In The Thing, while talking with Arthur Ketch, Asmodeus tells Arthur that the Winchesters are using a ritual from the Demon Tablet to open a rift into Apocalypse World.

In Unfinished Business, as the Winchesters wait for Gabriel's grace to recharge, Sam tells Dean that Rowena MacLeod is "boning up" on the Demon Tablet, presumably familiarizing herself with the ritual to open the rift and the details surrounding its use.

Season 15Edit

In Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven, Dean brings the demon tablet before Sam and Eileen Leahy, suggesting that the very existence of the tablets suggest that God is not infallible and there might be a clue within to God's weakness. Castiel brings in Donatello Redfield to translate the tablet once again for them, though Donatello asks to be killed if reading the tablet drives him insane again. Donatello finds annotated notes made by Metatron where Metatron appears to be trying to give context to God's actions. One of these notes read "the Almighty guards his secret fear but it is always there. Fear of what, I do not know. This he shares only with his favorite." The Winchesters and Castiel realize that this likely means Michael who thus may know how they can defeat God. However, God takes control of Donatello and threatens to destroy everything they love if they don't stop.

Refusing to stop, the Winchesters and Castiel seek out Michael's help based on the clue they found in the demon tablet. After being convinced of God's betrayals and threat, Michael provides them with the spell that is needed to trap God.

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The Demon Tablet contains information on how to repel and kill a demon, such as a spell that can obliterate demons, a demon's weakness to holy water, how to make a Devil's Trap and ingredients for a demon bomb.

The tablet contains information on the Trials of God, which will seal the gates of Hell forever and banish all the demons. "The person closing the gates must do three trials and recite an Enochian spell after each trial. Whosoever chooses to undertake these tasks should fear not danger nor death nor getting your spine ripped out through your mouth for all eternity."

The first trial demands the person to kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood. The second trial demands the person to rescue an innocent soul from Hell and deliver it unto Heaven. The third trial demands the person to cure a demon. Afterwards, the trials are complete and the caster dies as a sacrifice.

Extra information includes how to see hellhounds: "The dire creatures may be seen only by the damned or through an object scorched with Holy Fire." This led to the creation of Hellhound Glasses.

The demon tablet also contains a "personal note" from Metatron, who apologizes for taking his leave of God and Heaven and reveals that there is a compendium of tablets. Donatello Redfield later states that Metatron has made annotations on the tablet as if he was trying to give context to God's actions. One such annotated note reads "the Almighty guards his secret fear but it is always there. Fear of what, I do not know. This he shares only with his favorite." The part about God's favorite is presumed to reference Michael since Lucifer was already locked away when the tablet was created.

The demon tablet, as a Word of God, contains a ritual to open a rift to an alternate universe like the Apocalypse World Angel Tablet. However, this ritual is different and opens the rift for twenty-four hours unless it is purposefully closed while the Angel Tablet ritual only opens it for one person to go through and then closes. It also requires something that has been to the alternate reality being targeted in order to act as a guide to open the right door.


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