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The Demon Curing Ritual records are a series of records chronicling Father Max Thompson's efforts to find a way to cure a demon.


On March 8, 1957, Men of Letters initiate Josie Sands was sent to record Father Max Thompson attempting to cure a demon possessing the Old Woman, something that was hoped to turn the demon human again. Josie recorded the event with a video camera, but stopped after the effort failed, leaving the Old Woman dead and the demon loose in the world.

Josie's film was eventually stored in the Men of Letters bunker in an envelope relating to the Old Woman's possession. In the file on the possession, which was considered a Class Five Infernal Event, there was a note stating "weird!!!" and directions to finding the film in Room 7B.

Continuing his efforts alone, Father Thompson created audio recordings of his efforts to cure other demons while taking written notes on the procedure he was inventing itself. The last recording on August 3, 1958, recorded Father Thompson successfully curing the demon possessing Peter Kent.

Following Father Thompson's murder by Abaddon, his records came into the possession of Father Simon, the young priest who had aided Father Thompson's first attempt to cure a demon.

In 2013, while trying to find a way to cure a demon for the Third Trial, the Winchesters and the Seraphim Castiel located Josie's film of Father Thompson's first attempt to cure a demon in the bunker. Following up on the film, the Winchesters located Father Simon who turned over the rest of Father Thompson's records on the ritual attempts to them.

Listening to the audio tape of Father Thompson's last attempt, the Winchesters discovered that Father Thompson had succeeded. From the tape and Father Thompson's written notes, they were able to determine the exact procedure that they would need to use to replicate the ritual themselves.

After capturing Crowley, Sam brings Father Thompson's written notes with him as he attempts to cure Crowley.


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