Power to the people, my friend.
The Demon

This unnamed demon was friends with the Head Angel.


This demon is first shown sitting at a table in a fairly crowded bar. When a man in a suit walks in, the demon stands up and flashes his black eyes, while the man reveals an angel blade. They stare each down when finally, the demon sits back down and the angel joins him.

The pair greet each other. The demon asks if things are bad in Heaven. The angel says it is, and asks about the demon about downstairs. The demon also admits to problems. They talk about an alarm that went off, signaling the arrival of something big, big as God and Lucifer.

The two bemoan the lack of action on their respective leaders' part. The demon doesn't even know what his King is doing. They agree that the lack of active response will cause problems for the grunts, such as them.

The demon suggests that if management won't do something, then it's up to the little guy. His words inspire the angel to take action, which he does, though his efforts are mostly in vain.



  • This demon is the first regular demon to be shown on good terms with an angel.
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