Delphine Seydoux was the Men of Letters operative in Nazi occupied France 1943.


When Gumprecht obtains a fragment of the Ark of the Covenant, the United States Men of Letters sends Delphine to retrieve the artifact. Posing as a defector from France, Delphine manages to become Gumprecht's lover.

One night, she asks to see the fragment, so she can confirm for herself what it is. Upon confirming its identity, Delphine attacks Gumprecht and presumably kills him. She escapes onto the USS Bluefin with the fragment.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean discover that the fragment, which is a Hand of God, had been lost when the submarine was sunk by a German warship and that all subsequent efforts to find the artifact had been for naught. They get Lucifer, who is posing as Castiel, to send Dean back in time to the USS Bluefin. However, Delphine had warded the submarine with symbols Dean had never seen before, preventing Lucifer from coming on board.

Dean explains to her what will happen, both in the immediate future and his future, and she offers him the Hand of God, and scratches out the warding symbols to let "Castiel" rescue him. However, there is one last symbol carved into her flesh: to cancel out its power, she must be killed. As Dean holds the knife to her chest atop the symbol, the German warship destined to destroy them, under the command of Gumprecht, launches an attack. He explains that it takes fire to kill a Thule. As a final effort, she takes the Hand of God and attempts to direct its power to destroy the Nazi attackers. Whilst light emanates from her entire body, the warding symbol seem to lose its power and Lucifer appears, rescues the relic and Dean, and returns to the future.

At the end of the episode, Sam informs Dean that the Nazi warship was shipwrecked at the bottom of the sea with a massive and inexplicable hole in the hull, presumably caused by the Hand of God. In the end, all seems to have been to no avail for Lucifer, as he notes when he touches the artifact, that it had enough power for a single use only.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spell Casting - She was able to cast a powerful warding spell, having been taught by the Men of Letters. Not even Lucifer could pass through her wards.


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