Del was a demon under the employ of Crowley. He was in charge of taking care of prisoners in a Castle Storage facility in Wichita, Kansas.


Season 9Edit

Del was tasked with keeping an eye on a woman named Candy as well as Linda Tran. He was instructed not to kill any prisoner, but he killed Candy when she tried to escape. By this point he was getting frustrated due to Crowley's absence. When the Winchesters came looking for Kevin Tran's mother, he first imprisoned them and tried to contact Crowley, but he didn't reply. He began ranting to Dean Winchester about how much he hated his job, as he wasn't allowed to kill. Dean told him that he was right, and then told them about Crowley and him working together. Enraged by this he decided to quit and just kill them, however Sam Winchester had escaped by this point, confronted him and knocked him unconscious easily. Sam and Dean tied him up and warned him that they were saving him for someone "worse" than Crowley. When it was revealed to be Linda Tran, Del desperately tried to defend his actions only for Linda to kill him with the demon-killing knife.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Del was a young and particularly weak demon.

  • Demonic Possession - Like all demons, Del had to possess someone to manifest on Earth.
  • Super Strength - As a demon, Del was stronger than humans, being able to keep Candy and Linda Tran subdued, but was still rather weak, being no match for stronger humans like Sam Winchester who effortlessly beat him in a fight. Notably he had to use a baton to knock out Dean Winchester.


As a young weak demon, Del was vulnerable to everything demons could be killed by.

  • Higher-Tier Demons - As a young, weak demon, Del could be easily overpowered by more powerful demons. He clearly feared Crowley.
  • Demon-Killing Knife - Like most demons, Del was vulnerable to the demon-killing knife. Linda Tran killed him with it.
  • Devil's trap - Like all demons, Del could be bound with a devil's trap. Sam and Dean bound him with a pair of handcuffs with a devil's trap on them.


Killed ByEdit

After rescuing Linda from being held captive by Del, the Winchesters offered her the chance to kill him with the demon-killing knife, an opportunity that Linda gladly took. As Del tried to make excuses for his actions, an uninterested Linda stabbed him through the chest, killing Del.



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