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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

Deke was a Council Leader of Free Folks of the Fields, and "sock puppet of Caleb Fells" due to his extreme loyalty toward his cult leader.


Not much known about him. By 1968, he already become Council Leader of the cult. According to him, he always sent by Caleb to deal with rebellous members.

It was suggested that he presumably responsible to send Barry and other "troubled" members to underground detention chambers

Supernatural: Joyride[]

I've had it with you whiny runaways. Especially you, leader of the runt pack. Cat's out of the bag. Your juvenile rebellion ends here!

Deke eventually pursued Barry and tracked him. Deke eventually possessed Dean and taunted Barry and Sam. Deke proceeded to attack them. When he wanted to attack Barr and Samy, both of them could dodge his attack. Sam later radiated him with blacklight, expelling him from Dean's body and killed him as their shadowy apparition shattered like glass and faded.

Powers and Abillities[]

Deke possessed standard The Shadow People abilities.

  • Possession - In order to walk on earth, Deke require vessel.
  • Mental Manipulation - Deke can induce any person he possessed to commit evil acts, including murdering their wife and children.
  • Memory Manipulation - Like the Shadow People, he somehow able to reset the victim brain function, leaving them no recollection about what happening during possession.


He shared common weaknesses of The Shadow People

  • UV-A Light from a Blacklight - UV-A light exposure could expel them from their vessel, as well "killing" them. Sam destroyed his spirit using a blacklight flashlight.