Gods (or Deities), are the divine supernatural beings that represent the prime authorities of a pagan religion. They may have helped God create the universe. They also may have created Natural Order in which God and Death oversee and maybe controls. The gods are not always benevolent and have even shown to be cannibalistic, with a taste for human flesh.


The Abrahamic/Christian deity known as "God" created everything and existed alongside Death. He seems to be the most important deity in existance. According to Kali, there are billions of gods in the Universe. Also, according to Kali, their religions were practiced long before that of God. According to Hebrew tradition, the true name of their Lord, is Yahweh.

Lucifer, shows disgust for Mercury and other pagan gods for their lack of loyalty. Calling them petty, and worse than humans or demons he kills most of the other pagan gods, in Hammer of the Gods.

Powers & Abilities

As the exact nature and history of God is unknown, it leaves a large gap between "God's" and the Pagan gods' supernatural abilities and powers.

Unlike, demons, angels, and some other supernatural species, the powers of the Gods vary betweem each. Normally, it depends on each god. While, each god or deity has unique powers there are several that all of them have.

Gods rank and age. While, never officially described, in Supernatural there are stronger types of demons, angels, and other supernatural beings it stands to reason that there are stronger kinds of immortal gods or immortal higher beings.

  • Lesser gods: This classification, of gods are the lowest. While, still gods they really only have the general powers of invulnerabilitysenses. However, some like Mercury and Tricksters have powerful abilities. Like how Mercury can move so fast that humans cannot see him, and tricksters demi-gods, can create things out of nothing, and can warp reality and make time loops. While powerful, they can be killed easily by an Archangel. Tricksters and Mercury could be demi-gods.
  • Greater Gods: This classification of gods are stronger than average or lesser ones. As gods they have the general powers of invulnerability and superstrength and supersenses. However, their powers are stronger than lessers ones and are normally much older. While more powerful than lesser gods, this classification of gods are still weaker than an Archangel. Kali may be one of them.
  • Ancient Gods: This classification of gods are far more powerful than lesser or greater gods. The still have the general powers like immortality and higher than human abilities and sense, but are far stronger than other gods. These gods are normally very old and powerful. While no god or higher being as of yet have appearred of this classification, Eve (The Mother of All), might be one or a higher being with the same level of abilities.
  • Primordial Gods (Extremely Powerful/Unquestionable Authority): These gods are at least as old as the universe, if not older. The have such power that their invulnerability and the strength of their powers make them unable to be killed. These gods created the natural order and are impossible to destroy. The only way to kill one of this level is to be of the same level, as Death states that at the end of time he will reap "God". God and Death are thought to be of this level.

General Powers & Abilities

  • Invulnerability
  • Superstrength
  • Superspeed
  • Supersenses
  • Divine Powers
  • Supreme Knowledge

Individual Powers

While, each god, demi-god, and higher being have similar powers like immortality and stronger than human abilities and senses. Each god can have seperate powers to themselves.

Omnipresence: To exists everywhere in the universe. To date only "God" and maybe Death are Omnipresent.

Omniscience: To have unlimited knowledge and understanding and awareness of the universe. To date only "God" and possibly Death are

Omnipotence: To be the strongest being in the universe. "God" is confirmed to be the most powerful being in the universe but it is not known if he is more powerful than Death.

Telekinesis: is the ability to move things with one's mind. It can also be channeled through the hands. Many Pagan gods have this power.

Ability to Force People to "Speak the Truth'':' The ability to compel humans to speak the truth. As shown with Veritas anyone that is cursed with this make anyone tell the truth when asked a question by a cursed person. Veritas has this power.

Shape-shiffting: Veritas has this power to a limitded degree. Tricksters have this power.

Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate and generate fire by thought. Kali has this power.

Binding to Oneself: To bind someone to yourself, to have control over. Kali has this power, via a spell by touching and having possession of someone's blood.

Conjuration: The power to create or to uncreate something or one from nothing. Tricksters have this power.

Reality Warping: The power change the laws of reality and to create new laws or realities entirely. Tricksters have this power.

Time Loops: To control time, to where the victim will keep repeating events over and over again. Until, the one responbile is killed or lets them out the time loop will not stop. Tricksters have this power.

Reconstruction, Reshape, and or Restoration: The power to reconstruct, reshape, and or restore something. Mercury has this ability as shown with the rebuild and reshaping reconstruction, of the Elysian Field Motel, transforming it from an old, rotten, broken down building into a luxurios resort.

Influence over Vegatation: To have some influence on plants and vegtation such as returning life to dead plants. Mercury has this ability or at least his presence induces the same affect.

Teleportation: Some of the older and more powerful Gods have this power.

Demi-Gods, Higher Beings, and Divine Immortals

There are other kinds of gods or even none angelic or demonic beings that are fall into the as categories.

  • Tricksters: Demigod-like immortal creatures that thrive on creating mischief and mayhem. With the power to make objects materialize out of thin air and remove them just as quickly. Tricksters accomplishes their destructive or harming feats with unusual and oftern humorous means, its intent to humble the self-important. The Tricker's metabolism is such that it craves sugary treats and consumes calories voraciously. To kill a Trickster one must obtain a stake dipped in the blood of its victim and plunge it into the creature's heart. Famous Tricksters include Loki of Scandinavian myth and Anansi of West Africa.
  • Death. While, unknown exactly what death is it can be assumed he or it is something like a god. If Death is a god or divine being it can be assumed that he is at least as powerful as "God" if not stronger, as quoted to Dean. As old as God. Maybe older. Neither of us can remember anymore. Life, death, chicken, egg – regardless, at the end, I’ll reap Him too.


  • Despite, being an Archangel Lucifer is called a god by some demons for being their creator.
  • While, gods have been made all powerful divine beings or creatures, Lucifer was able to kill several Pagan gods with ease. Also, Dean and Sam humans have killed Pagan gods.
  • While, pagan gods have fought and lost to an Archangel, it has yet to show the different in power between pagan gods and demons.
  • It looks like all the pagans gods have a taste for human flesh.
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