The Defensive Spell is a spell that defends the caster from a evil assailant.


Season 11Edit

The Grand Coven witch Magda used this spell in an attempt to protect herself from a demon waiter, but it didn't work.

Season 13Edit

In Beat the Devil, Rowena uses a variation of this spell to defend her from Lucifer. However, while Rowena succeeded in blasting Lucifer away from herself, she accidentally blasted him through the rift to Apocalypse World.

Procedure Edit

First VersionEdit

Defende nos

Magda's attempt to cast the Defensive Spell, but it didn't work.

The user points their hands toward the aggressor and recites:

"Defende nos."  (Roughly means "Defend us.")

If done properly, the spell will somehow defend the user from the assailant.

Rowena's VariationEdit

In this variation, the caster must recite:

"Defendatur."  (Roughly means "Defend.")

Immediately the assailant is thrust away.


  • It is unknown what the intended effect of the Magda spell is, as it failed when attempted by her, resulting in her being mortally wounded.


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