Dede was a psychic who fell victim to the Psychic Attacker.


Dede was a protégé of Missouri Moseley and also a friend of hers. At some point, Missouri trained her in many things to do with psychics, among them was the art of Lithomancy, a type of divination that employed the use of lithomantic gems. The gems were later found by Missouri after her death in the hand of the Wraith.

Season 13Edit

One night, when Dede wanted to close her shop a customer came in. Unknown to her, the customer was a Wraith. Dede later sensed a burden in his mind and offered to help. When she started a tarot reading session, the customer asked her to read their aura, to which she agreed. While reading his aura, Dede discovered the man was not a human, but a wraith.

The wraith stabbed her hand with a knife, trapping her and causing her to scream. Despite her pleas, the wraith fed on her brain, killing her.

Her body was later found by Missouri. Missouri called Sam Winchester to investigate.


Missouri dede

Dede with Missouri

Dede was willing to help anyone who came to her for help, even after work. She had a very close relationship with Missouri, being considered as a daughter by the latter. Dede was also described as having a soft touch.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dede was a student of Missouri who was trained by her.

  • Empathy - As a psychic, Dede was able sense burdens in someone's mind but she revealed not to be a mind-reader, which contributed to the fact that she could not realize the wraith true intentions.
  • Divination - As a psychic, Dede was able to perform divination. She was able to perform fortune reading and tarot reading. Additionally, she also knew Lithomancy.
  • Clairsentience - Dede revealed that she could read energies and auras. She displayed this ability sensing the true form of the psychic attacker by touching him.


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