The only way to kill them is by beheading.
Decapitation is the act of cutting off a being's head. It can be used to disable certain supernatural beings, such as vampires, shapeshifters, arachnes, Leviathans, and even demons.

Known SpeciesEdit


Decapitation is one of the two known ways to kill an Alpha alongside the Colt. Decapitation was able to kill the Alpha Shapeshifter who was immune to almost every method of harm and it was believed that decapitation would kill the Alpha Vampire with decapitation being a vampire weakness anyway.


Chopping off a vampire's head will kill it.


Complete removal of the head is lethal for a ghoul. However, causing enough brain damage without removing the head works as well as stated in Tombstone.


Zombies can be killed by decapitation as demonstrated in Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid when a few were killed through decapitation by shotgun blast. This also works on Croatoan zombies as demonstrated by Castiel in Two Minutes to Midnight.


Leshi could only be killed by being beheaded with an axe made of iron.


Beheading will kill an arachne.


Chopping off a shapeshifter's head will kill it, even their alpha.

Jefferson StarshipsEdit

Cutting off a Jefferson Starship's head will kill it.


A Leviathan's head can be chopped off, which can be used to stop it temporarily until it eventually reattaches itself. If the head is kept at a significant distance away from the body it will not reattach and the Leviathan will be immobilized forever until its head reattaches.


A demon's vessel's head can be chopped off, but, through possession, they can move it and sow it back on. If a demon is shot in the head with a devil's trap bullet and then decapitated it will remain immobilized forever unless the bullet is removed.


A nachzehrer's head can be chopped off but it will remain animated unless a copper coin is placed in the mouth first. If a copper coin is in the nachzehrer's mouth before they are decapitated, they will be killed. Otherwise, the head can be put back on the nachzehrer's body and reattach itself.


Bisaans can be killed by decapitation.


Being entirely mortal, humans can be killed through decapitation as well. Dean was able to kill Cuthbert Sinclair through decapitation with the First Blade.


Riza Nodd was killed by decapitation by Dean after Sam put Riza to sleep with a railroad spike through the back of her neck. It should be noted this is non-canon.


Mary Winchester was able to kill a werewolf in 1980 through decapitation with a shotgun. Later, decapitation proved to be the only way to kill Michael's grace-enhanced werewolves who were immune to silver. Another werewolf later confirmed that only decapitation can kill the enhanced werewolves.

Gog and Magog's SpeciesEdit

Gog and Magog could be killed through decapitation though only if it is done with a God-crafted weapon.


A gorgon could only be killed by decapitation with a silver blade.


Dean was able to kill one via decapitation.

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