These two unnamed teenagers were from Bodega Bay and friends with Debbie Tellen and Dudley Scott.


Growing up, the two were close friends with Debbie Tellen and Dudley Scott and were aware of the extent of their love story stretching bad to the eighth grade.

In 2012, after Debbie and Dudley disappeared during a romantic evening at the haunted Van Ness House, the two visited with the intention of filming the end of their friends' love story or a memorial to it. As they made their way through the house, the ghost of Annie Hawkins tried to warn them without success, though Annie was briefly caught on their camera. The ghost of Dexter O'Connell approached them in an attempt to scare them off, but was interrupted by the ghost of Whitman Van Ness. Though the two thanked Whitman for saving them, Van Ness crushed their hearts and then absorbed Dexter for trying to interfere.

After Van Ness dragged their corpses off to his secret hideaway for the corpses of all of his victims, Annie tried to take their camera, but was unable to lift it. Joined by the ghost of Victoria Dodd, Annie attempted to convince Victoria to help her with the camera and Victoria reluctantly agreed. Later, Victoria tossed the camera to Sam and Dean Winchester who witnessed the end of their recording and Annie appearing on the film.

While the Winchesters left to deal with Whitman Van Ness' bones, Annie and the ghost of Bobby Singer searched the house and found the remains of the two teenagers in a hidden room along with Debbie, Dudley, Annie and Van Ness' other victims. Once the Winchesters returned, Bobby led them to the bodies and the Winchesters salted and burned all of the bodies, putting the ghosts to rest.


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