Debbie Harris was the wife of Don Harris.


Debbie was a resident of Bristol, Rhode Island. She met Sam Winchester while he was hunting with his grandfather, Samuel Campbell. She hooked up with Sam during this period, and the two had sex in the bathroom.

A year later, Sheriff Roy Dobbs sought vengeance against Sam after Sam tried to kill him back then. As Sam had regained his soul by this point, he neither remembered the incident nor his encounter with Debbie. Roy sent Sam coordinates of the town to lure Sam back, and Debbie found Sam at the local bar. She still remembered Sam's alias, Agent Roark, and asked if he was here about the recent disappearances, which had occurred last time as well.

Although Sam did not recognize Debbie, he answered all of her questions. When Debbie asked where Agent Wynand went, Dean told her he was at "sex rehab". Sam then introduced Debbie to Dean, and the two shook hands.

Before Debbie left them alone, she touched Sam's shoulder, causing a flashback and reminding Sam about their hook up. Debbie then walked away with her husband, who was with her.

Since Roy was out kidnapping every woman Sam had slept with, Debbie was kidnapped as well. Roy's wife Brenna Dobbs nearly accused Sam of kidnapping Debbie, but Sam promised her he had nothing to do with her sudden disappearance, and he was determined to find Debbie.

Sam and Dean Winchester eventually learned from Roy that all of Sam's former lovers, including Debbie, had been transformed into arachne, the same monster Roy was. While Roy himself was decapitated, Debbie and the women were spared and their whereabouts are unknown.



  • Like many of Soulless Sam's lovers, Debbie did not die after sleeping with Sam.
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