Deb Freleng was the wife of Gary Freleng. The couple were in an open relationship.


Deb was in a relationship with her neighbor P.J. while her husband, Gary was in a relationship with Olivia Kopple, a friend of Deb.

Suddenly, Gary suffers an unusual death with his heart erupting out of his chest. Olivia witnessed the incident. The police reported a heart attack.

Dean and Sam Winchester and Castiel disguise themselves as FBI and visit Deb. They find Deb dressed in black. Deb is initially skeptical as to why the FBI would be involved. When Castiel accuses her of murdering her husband and wanting to know why, Dean pulls him aside and Sam asks if her husband might have had any secrets.

Just then, Olivia arrives at the house and the two women embrace, surprising the trio who were suspecting that Deb was a witch who found out about the affair.

The revelation that Deb knew about the affair and was simply "the best wife" according to Dean, convinces the trio that Deb did not kill her husband. They later find out however, that it was Dwight Mahoney, who was using Fred Jones' power to murder people and rob banks.


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