Death Takes A Holiday is the 15th episode of Season 4. It aired on March 12th, 2009.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean investigate a small town where people are cheating death. They discover the Reapers have gone missing so they turn to Pamela (guest star Traci Dinwiddie) for help. She sends them into the spiritual world to find answers and they come face to face with Alastair (guest star Christopher Heyerdahl), who has been kidnapping all the Reapers in order to break another seal.



Two men walk out of a bar, bickering about football. As they round the corner, a younger man steps out and asks if they have any change. They answer no, and the man pulls out a gun and demands their wallets. The loud crack of a dumpster lid slamming nearby rattles the mugger and the gun goes off. Shot, Jim falls to the ground and his friend frantically tries to revive him. Suddenly, Jim takes a breath. His friend tells him not to move, but he sits up. "I feel okay," he says, pulling back his jacket to reveal the bullet wound; he's not even bleeding. They both stand up, surprised that he's alive.

At the restaurant, "No, no no you're right, it's definitely weird," Sam is saying into his cellphone as Dean fiddles with the jukebox, which doesn't seem to work. "Okay Bobby. Thanks." Sam hangs up. Dean joins him. "What's up?" "Uh, Bobby found something in Wyoming," Sam replies. "A job?" Dean asks, taking a bite of his hamburger. "Maybe. Small town, nobody's died in the last week and a half," Sam answers, already on his laptop. "That so unusual?" Dean asks. "Well, it's how they're not dying. One guy with terminal cancer strolls right out of hospice, another guy gets capped by a mugger, walks away without a scratch. Police say Mr. Jenkins was shot in the heart, at point blank range, by a nine millimeter," Sam reads. Dean stares. "And he's not a donut?" Sam shakes his head. "Locals are saying it's a miracle." "Okay," Dean shrugs. "It's gotta be something nasty, right?" Sam begins. "Maybe people making deals or something?" "You think?" Dean asks. "What else would it be?" Sam replies. "I dunno," Dean shrugs, mouth full. "Alright. Get that to go," Sam says, packing up his laptop. Dean doesn't move. Sam stands up. "What?" "Sure you want me going with you?" Dean asks, looking up at him. "Why wouldn't I?" Sam asks irritably. "I dunno, I don't wanna be holding you back or nothing," Dean says, looking away. "Dude, I've told you a hundred times, that was the siren talking. Not me. Can we get past this?" Sam asks, frustrated. Dean puts down his burger. "Yeah we're past it."

Dean and Sam are in the house of Jim Jenkins, the man who was shot, posing as bloggers from "Floored By the Lord dot com." "All of God's glory, fit to blog," Dean declares with a grin. They find that Jim is a true believer, certain that surviving the shooting was a miracle and that the Lord is giving him a second chance. "I had this feeling, like angels were watching over me," Jim says. They establish that he has not been near a crossroads or encountered anyone with black or red eyes.

Dean is on the laptop in their room when Sam comes in. "Anything?" Dean asks. "That cancer survivor? He was clinically dead. His wife pulled the plug, and now he's taking her out for their twentieth anniversary," Sam replies. "Any sign of a deal?" Dean asks. "No. What about you? Find anyone dying around here?" Sam asks. "Not since Cole Griffith," Dean replies, pulling up a picture of a young boy. "He dropped ten days ago. It's the last death I could find." "So what're you thinking?" Sam asks. Dean shrugs, standing up. "Maybe it is what the people say it is." "Miracles?" Sam snorts. "Dean, in our experience, when do miracles just happen?" "Well there's no deals, there's no skeevy faith healers, I mean these souls just ain't getting dragged into the light," Dean says, pouring himself some coffee. "Maybe cause there's no one around to carry them," Sam suggests. "What do you mean?" Dean asks. "Well - grim reapers, that's what they do, right? Schlep souls? So if death ain't in town..." Sam begins, "Then nobody's dying," Dean finishes. "So what, the local reaper's on strike? Playing the back nine? I don't know, Sam." "Well, then let's talk to somebody who might," Sam says. "Well last I checked, Huggy Bear ain't available," Dean comments. "No dude, the kid," Sam corrects. "The kid? The kid's a doornail," Dean reminds him. "Exactly. Look, if he's the last person to die around here, then maybe's he seen something. We should talk to him," Sam says. Dean laughs. "I love how matter-of-fact you are about that. Strange lives," Dean replies.

Sam is setting up a ritual while Dean is standing nearby, holding the book. "You sure this is gonna work?" he asks. "No," Sam replies, "But if his spirit's around, they should smoke him out. What?" Dean looks at him. "This job is jacked, that's what." "How so?" Sam asks. "You want me to gank a monster, or torch a corpse, hey, let's light it up, right? But this? If we fix whatever it is, people are gonna start dropping dead," Dean replies. "Good people." Sam stands up. "Look, I don't want them to die either, Dean. But there's a natural order." "You're kidding, right?" Dean says, smirking. "What?" Sam asks. "You don't see the irony in that?" Dean stares at him. "I mean you and me, we're like the poster boys of the unnatural, all we do is ditch death." "Yeah, but the normal rules don't really apply to us, do they?" Sam argues. Dean stares at him, then laughs. "We're no different than anybody else!" Sam stares back. "I'm infected with demon blood. You've been to Hell. I know you want to think of yourself as Joe the Plumber, Dean, but you're not. Neither am I. The sooner you accept that the better off you're gonna be." Dean looks at the sky and sighs. "Joe the Plumber was as douche." "You gonna help me finish this?" Sam asks. Dean stands up just as someone yells "Hey!" They turn around to see a man with a flashlight watching them. "What're you doing here?" "Uh," Sam begins. "Look, just take it easy." "What the hell is this?" the man walks forward, looking at the candles. "Oh this, this is not what it looks like," Dean says quickly. "Really? Cause it looks like devil worship," the man says. "What? No, this is not devil worship! This is, this is, it's..." He motions to Sam, who says nothing. "This is the... I don't have a good answer," he finishes finally. "Look - we're leaving," Sam says quickly. The man shakes his head. "You're not going anywhere. Ever again. Sam." His eyes turn white. "Alastair," Dean says. "I thought you got deep-fried, extra crispy?" "Nah. Just the pediatrician I was riding. His wife's still looking for him. It's hilarious. Anyway..." He looks back at Sam. "No time to chat. Got a hot date with death." He flicks his hand and Dean flies into a gravestone, knocked out cold. "Dean!" Sam yells. Alastair turns back and tries the same thing with Sam, but Sam goes nowhere. Alastair smiles. "You're stronger, Sam. You been solar-flexing with your little slut?" "You have no idea," Sam replies viciously, and with a wave of his hand he sends Alastair flying against a tree, pinning him there. He raises his hand to exorcise the demon, but Alastair leaves the man's body before he can do anything.

Sam walks in to see Dean laying on his bed, holding ice against his head. "How you doing?" he asks. "I'm in pain, that's how I'm doing," Dean replies. "I think I have a concussion." "Want some aspirin?" Sam asks. "No thanks, House," Dean replies, sitting up. "So demons, huh?" "Yup. So much for miracles," Sam says. "What the hell happened with Alastair again?" Dean asks. "I told you - he tried to fling me or whatever, and it didn't work, so he bailed," Sam replies. "Well how come he couldn't fling you? He chucked you pretty good last time," Dean reminds him. "Got no idea," Sam says, shrugging. "Sam, do me a favour," Dean says suddenly. "If you're gonna keep your little secrets, then I can't really stop you. But just don't treat me like an idiot, okay?" Sam stares at him. "What? Dean, I'm not keeping secrets." "Mmmhmm. Whatever. So did you go back and Q and A the dead kid?" Dean changes the subject. "Didn't have to," Sam says. "Bobby called. He did some digging." "And?" "He thinks I'm right. Local reaper's gone. Not just gone - kidnapped." "By demons? Why?" Dean asks. "Listen to this." Sam opens the small book he's holding. "Any bloody death under the newborn sky, sweet to taste, but bitter once devoured." "Swanky. What the hell does that mean?" Dean asks. "Well it's from a very obscure, very arcane version of Revelations," Sam replies. "Which means what I think it means?" Dean asks. "Basically, you kill a reaper under the solstice moon - tomorrow night, by the way - you got yourself a broken seal," Sam confirms. "How do you ice a reaper? You can't kill death," Dean says. "Well, maybe demons can. Where the hell are the angels is what I want to know. We could use their help for once," Sam replies. "Looks like we're gonna have to take care of this one ourselves," Dean says. "What're we gonna do? Just swing in and save the friendly neighbourhood reaper?" Sam asks. "You got a better idea, I'm all ears," Dean says. "Dean, reapers are invisible," Sam reminds him. "The only people who can see them are the dead, and the dying." "Well, if ghosts are the only ones who can see them, then we become ghosts," Dean says with a humourless smile. "You do have a concussion," Sam says. "Sounds crazy, I know," Dean goes on. "It is crazy," Sam corrects. Dean looks at him. "How?" Sam asks.

Sam opens the door to let Pamela the psychic and Dean into their room. "I can't even begin to tell you how crazy you two are," she says. "Well, Pamela, you're a sight for sore eyes," Sam says. She laughs a little. "Aw, that's sweet, grumpy." She pulls down her glasses to reveal her white eyes. "What do you say to deaf people?" The boys are silent. "Which one of you brainiacs came up with astral projection?" she asks. Dean raises his hand. "Yo." "Of course. Chachi," she says. "Chachi?" Dean mouths at Sam, who shrugs. "So let's be clear. You wanna rip your souls out of your bodies and take a little stroll through the spirit world?" Pamela goes on. "Do you have any idea how heavy-duty insane that is?" "Maybe, that's where the reaper is, so..." Dean answers. "So it's nuts," she cuts in. "Not if you know what you're doing," Dean argues. "You don't know what you're doing," she says firmly. "No, but you do," Dean smiles. "Yeah, I do. And guess what? I'm sick of being hauled back into your angel-demon, Soc-Greaser crap." "Well look I'd love to be kicking back with a cold one watching Judge Judy too," Dean argues. "Nice. More blind jokes?" she says. "You know what I mean," Dean replies. "We're talking the end of the world here, okay? No more tasseled leather pants. No more Ramones CDs. No more nothing. We need your help."

Sam closes the curtains as Dean sets up the candles. Pamela is sitting nearby. "Tell me something, geniuses. Even if you do break into the veil and find the reaper, how are you gonna save it?" she asks. "With style and class," Dean says. "You're gonna be two walking pieces of fog. You can't touch or move anything. You'll be defenseless, hotshot," she says with a smirk. "I seem to recall a bunch of ghosts beating the crap out of us," Sam puts in. "Yeah, and they had plenty of time to practice," Pamela sighs. "Well then I guess we'd better start cramming," Dean replies. "Wow. Couple of heroes. Alright, lay down." She pats the two beds. "Close your eyes."


Sam and Dean enter the astral plane.

The two boys are laying on the beds, and Pamela is speaking Latin. She finishes and says "Okay boys. That's it. Show time." Dean sits up, sighing. "Well, nothing like shooting blanks. What's Plan B?" She doesn't answer. Dean looks across at Sam's bed, where Sam is still laying. He turns around to see Sam standing behind him, too. He looks beside him and sees himself, laying on the bed. "Oh I'm so feeling up Demi Moore," he says. "Alright, so I'm assuming you're somewhere over the rainbow," Pamela says. "Remember I have to bring you back. I'll whisper the incantation in your ear..." She walks over to Sam's bed and leans down. "You have got a great ass," she says, but only Sam can hear it. "What did she say?" Dean asks. Sam smiles.


Fun with astral projection.

Outside, the boys are walking together. A jogging woman runs right through Sam. Dean laughs. "That was wild!" He sticks his hand into Sam's chest, it goes right through. Sam looks at him. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" Dean asks. "Get out of me," Sam orders. "You're such a prude. Come on." Dean and Sam continue.

"Look, we've been scoping this town for hours. No demons, no black smoke... I say we hit Victoria's Secret and get our peep on, huh?" Dean says as the boys walk across another street. "Hey hey hey - three o' clock. Kid in the window. Am I crazy, or is he looking at us?" Sam asks. "That's cause we've seen him before. In the newspaper. Cole Griffith, last person to die in this town," Dean reminds him. The boy flickers and disappears.

In the house, Cole's mother enters his room. "Cole? It's Mom. Your dad thinks I'm crazy. Are you here? A picture frame fell over... I could've sworn it was you, baby. Are you still here with me?" The soccer ball on his nighttable starts to spin, then flies at her. "Oh my God!" She hurries out of the room, right through Sam and Dean, who are just coming in. "Stop! How are you doing that?" Dean asks. "Who are you?" Cole asks. "Relax Cole, it's okay," Sam begins. "How do you know my name?" Cole asks. "Look, this isn't gonna be easy to hear, but... you're dead," Sam explains. "A spirit. Us too." "Yeah. Thanks, Haley Joel, I know I'm dead," Cole interrupts. "What do you want?" "We just want to talk," Sam says, surprised. "About what?" Cole asks.

Downstairs, they watch as his mom pours herself a drink. "I was outside all morning," Cole says. "They tell you be careful when it's cold." "Cold air can cause an asthma attack?" Dean asks. Cole nods. "Then I was in my room, and it happened so fast - I called out for my mom, but nothing came out. Everything started spinning, and then I was just standing there, looking down at my body." "And that's when you saw the man?" Sam asks. Cole nods. "Creepy old guy in a black suit. Wanted me to go with him but... I didn't want to go." "Reaper," Sam nods. "How did you get rid of him?" "I didn't," Cole replies. "The black smoke did." "Black smoke?" Dean repeats. "It was everywhere," Cole goes on. "I hid in the closet, and when I came out, it was gone, and so was he." "Do you know where the black smoke went?" Dean asks. "No," Cole replies. "But I know where it is." At that moment the lights start flickering. "They're back," Cole says. "Who?" Dean asks, but Cole disappears. There's a sudden gust of wind, and they see a white shape heading up the stairs. "Another reaper," Sam says, and the boys jump up. "Hey!" Dean yells. "Wait! We need to talk to you!" They stop. There's a girl with black hair walking down the steps in front of them. "Dean," she says. "Do I know you?" Dean asks. "We go way back," she smiles.

She walks into the dining room. "You don't remember me?" "Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time I had a girl say that...?" Dean replies. "You're gonna have to refresh my memory." She walks forward and kisses him, and suddenly he remembers - the hospital, the accident, the reaper coming after him, his father dying. She pulls away. "Tessa," Dean says. "That's one of my names," she replies. "Yeah." "So you do know her," Sam cuts in. "From the hospital after the accident," Dean tells him. "The accident with Dad?" Sam asks. Dean nods. "So this is the reaper that came after you," Sam realizes. "Yeah," Dean says. "Well this was fun," Tessa says. "But if you'll excuse me." She starts to leave. "Wait wait wait." Dean stops her. "You can't take the kid." "Why?" she asks. "Demons are in town, that's why," Dean replies. "They've already snatched your reaper pal. Kid knows where." "So?" she asks. "So you should shag ass," Sam says. "For all we know they could try and snatch you too." "Except that this town is off the rails. And someone has to set it straight." Behind them, the mother comes in, picks up her keys, and leaves. "Yeah, we understand that, but these are special circumstances," Dean argues. "What, your whole angel-demon dance off?" Tessa says. "I could care less. I just wanna do my job." "Right, yeah and we want to help you do your job, so if you would just bale town..." Sam tries again. "No," she says firmly. "Well then could you hold off until we fix this?" Dean asks. "Please." She sighs. "Alright, but just so we're clear. When I start reaping again? I'm starting with the kid." "Understood," Sam says. "I'll go find him." "Wait wait wait," Dean says quickly. "What're you gonna say to him?" "Whatever I have to," Sam replies.

Upstairs, Sam finds Cole sitting in the closet of his room. He sits down outside. "This all must be pretty overwhelming, huh? Pretty scary too." "The worst is my mom," Cole says. "Must be hard seeing her like this," Sam says. "She's always coming in here. Talking to me, telling me how sad she is," Cole says. "I knocked some stuff over to let her know I'm here, but she only gets sadder." "Yeah. You might wanna ease up on the flying soccer balls," Sam says. "I'm not telling you where the smoke is," Cole says. "Hey. What if I told you that if you helped me, you wouldn't have to leave here. Ever," Sam says. "What about the one downstairs?" Cole asks. "Tessa? Ah she wouldn't bother you. No reaper would," Sam replies calmly. "You could just stay here with your family. For as long as you wanted." "You can do that?" Cole asks. "You bet I can do that," Sam replies. "Do you swear?" Cole asks. "I swear," Sam says.

"I tell ya, life is funny," Tessa is saying, as her and Dean stand downstairs. "What do you mean?" Dean asks. "You and me? Together again?" she says. "Hey... are you making a move on me?" Dean asks. She shakes her head, smiling. "You're the one that got away, Dean. You'd be surprised how little that happens to me." Dean looks at her for a moment. "Can I tell you something, between you and me?" She shrugs. "Who am I gonna tell?" "After our little experience," Dean begins, "for that whole year, I felt like I had this hole in my gut. Like I was missing something. I didn't know what. But you know what it was? It was you. The pain of losing my father, and Sammy?" He shakes his head. "I wish I'd gone with you for good. But I guess things are different now." "What? The angels on your shoulder?" Tessa says. "So you know about that, huh?" Dean asks. She nods. "I mean don't get me wrong, most of the ones I've met are dicks with wings. But still. You know, I've done things. Horrible things. But someone, upstairs, still decided to give me a second chance. It just makes me feel... I dunno." "Uh huh," Tessa says. Dean looks at her, just as Sam clears his throat and walks in, with Cole. "Hey guys." "Hey Cole," Tessa smiles. "I'm Tessa. I'm not going to hurt you." "It's okay Cole. Just tell them what you told me," Sam encourages. "I saw the black smoke at my funeral," Cole says. "At the cemetery?" Dean asks. "At the funeral home. It was everywhere," Cole explains. The lights start flickering. "Are you doing that?" Dean asks Tessa. "No," she says. The door suddenly bursts open, and black smoke floods into the room, then disappears. Tessa is gone. "How the hell are we supposed to fight that?" Dean wonders. "I dunno. Learn some ghost moves?" Sam suggests. "By tonight? Yeah sure, I'll meet you back at Mr. Miyagi's," Dean says sarcastically. "Who's Mr. Miyagi?" Cole asks.

Outside, Dean is focusing on a little windmill. "It's not gonna move if you don't concentrate," Cole says. "I am concentrating," Dean snaps. He looks harder at the windmill, and it moves once. "Ahh there we go baby!" Dean grins. "You pull a muscle?" Cole asks, grinning. "Alright, let's see what you got," Dean glares. Cole looks at the windmill, and it starts spinning wildly, the swing on the porch swings, and the chimes start moving. "Dude! You are so AmityVille!" Dean says. "This isn't even the good stuff," Cole says, and the boys exchange glances.

Cole punches Sam in the stomach. "See? If you wanna hit something, you just gotta get mad," he says as Sam doubles over. "Yeah got it," Sam wheezes. "Now you try. Hit me," Cole says to Dean. "Uh - I think I'll just stick to picking on someone my own size," Dean smiles. Cole shrugs, then backhands Dean across the face. Sam laughs loudly. Cole turns to him. "Hit me as hard as you can." "Dude, I'm not gonna do Fight Club with a twelve-year-old," Sam says, and Cole punches him across the face too. "Alright. Cut it out," Sam says irritably. "Make me!" Cole says, going to hit him again. Sam manages to block him, but Cole disappears, then reappears somewhere else. "Whoa, whoa, you've gotta teach us that!" Dean says excitedly.

Outside, the boys arrive at the funeral home to see that it is covered in blue symbols. "Can nobody else see this?" Dean wonders. "Maybe it's demon-invisible ink, you can only see it in the veil," Sam suggests. "Any idea what it's for?" Dean asks. "We'll find out," Sam says as they head in.

Inside, they find a strange symbol on the floor, and both reapers are laying inside. A man is in the room across from them. "Dude, check me out," Dean says, disappearing, then reappearing next to the man. He taps him on the shoulder, then punches him and disappears again. He turns again to see Sam, who punches him, then both boys are attacking him. He backs up and gets behind a coffin sitting nearby. "Boy, you know this ghost thing, it's kinda rad," Dean says, smiling. Suddenly, another man comes in, pulling a big chain with him. The first man vaults the coffin and grabs another chain, and they quickly hook them up so Dean and Sam are inside. "It's iron!" Sam says. There's no way out. A third man walks in, tall and bearded. "Boys," he says. "Find the place okay?" His eyes turn white.

He walks closer, picking up a shotgun. He cocks it, then shoots Dean. Dean disappears. "Rocksalt's not so much fun anymore, is it?" Alastair says. Dean reappears, panting. "Alastair. You bastard." "Well go on," Alastair says to Sam. "Why don't you try some of your mojo on me now, hotshot. It's hard to get it up when you're not wearing your meat, huh?" "Go to Hell," Sam says. "Ah, if only I could, but they just keep sending me back up to this arctic craphole." Alastair replies. "To kill death?" Dean asks. "No, to kill death twice - it takes two to break a seal." Alastair interrupts. "I figured another one would show up, you know. They're like lemmings." He shoots Sam with the rocksalt. "By the way, it's good to see you again, Dean." "You can shoot us all you want, but you can't kill us," Dean snaps. "Ahhh. That so," Alastair says.

In the motel room, Pamela is sitting, waiting. She hears a creak behind her, and quickly stands up and goes to the door, locking it. She can hear a strong wind coming in through the window now.


Alastair prepares to break a seal.

Alastair is holding a sharp sickle. "Anyhoo. Moon's in the right spot." he says calmly. "The board is set. Let's get started, shall we?" "You're gonna kill a reaper with that?" Dean asks. "It's a little on the nose, don't you think?" "Is it? Borrowed it from an old friend of mine" Alastair says. "You know he doesn't really ride a pale horse? But he does have three amigos. And they're just jonesing for the apocalypse!" He walks over and kneels down next to the first reaper, an old man. "It pays to have friends in low places, don't you think?" Alastair says, pulling the reaper up and putting the sickle around his neck. He begins speaking in Latin, and then slices the reaper's neck with the sickle. There is high wind, thunder and lightning. He puts the dead reaper down and then heads for Tessa, pulling her up by the collar. The boys start concentrating on a chandelier on the ceiling above. "Stop!" Tessa shouts. Alastair begins speaking, as the boys desperately concentrate on the lamp.

In the motel, Pamela has shut the window. She turns around and moves away. "I know you're here," she says. "What's the matter, you reeking son of a bitch? You afraid of a skirt?" She pulls back a curtain, but there is nothing behind it. She turns away, and as she moves back towards the boys, a man steps forward. She senses him and runs for the bed, beginning to speak the words in Sam's ear to wake him up, but the man grabs her leg and pulls her back.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean manage to make the chandelier fall, scraping away part of the symbol on the floor. Tessa disappears out of the hands of Alastair. She unhooks the chains, and the boys and her disappear.

Outside the funeral home, Dean and Tessa reappear, but Sam is not there. "Where's your brother?" Tessa asks. "I'll go find him, you get out of here," Dean says.

In the motel room, the demon and Pamela continue to fight. She scrambles forward and calls the incantation into Sam's ear again. The man throws her onto the mantle, and as she's getting back down he pulls a knife on her and stabs her in the stomach. Sam sits up. "Pamela!" He jumps up, and with one hand sends the demon flying against the wall. He clenches his fist, and the demon pours from the body, burning up on the floor. He runs to Pamela, who starts laughing. "What's so funny?" Sam asks. "I can't die. Not in this town," she says. Sam sees the wound in her stomach. "Pamela..." "Quit your worrying, grumpy. How about you make me a drink, huh?" she says. "You need a doctor," Sam says. "Make me a drink, Sam," she says firmly.

Dean is hurrying down a dark street when suddenly Alastair appears. "You can't run, Dean. Not from me," he says, smiling. "I'm inside that angsty little noggin of yours." He approaches Dean, but suddenly a bolt of lighting comes down from the sky and strikes him, and he's gone. "What the hell?" Dean says. "Guess again," someone says, and Dean turns to see Castiel. "What just happened? You and Sam just saved a seal. We captured Alastair. Dean, this was a victory." "Well, no thanks to you," Dean says. "What makes you say that?" Castiel asks. "You were here the whole time?" Dean realizes. "Enough of it," Castiel nods. "Well thanks for your help with the rocksalt," Dean says angrily. "That script on the funeral home, we couldn't penetrate it," Castiel replies. "That was angel-proofing," Dean realizes. Castiel nods. "Why do you think I recruited you and Sam in the first place?" "You recruited us?" Dean repeats. "That wasn't your friend Bobby that called, Dean," Castiel replies. "It wasn't Bobby who told Sam about the seal." "It was you. If you wanted our help, why the hell didn't you just ask?" Dean asks. "Because whatever I ask, you seem to do the exact opposite," Castiel says. "So what now huh? The people in this town, they just gonna start dying again?" Dean asks. "Yes," Castiel says. "These are good people. Don't you think you could make a few exceptions?" Dean asks. "To everything there is a season," Castiel says. "You made an exception for me," Dean argues. "You're different," Castiel replies, then disappears. Instead Tessa is there. "Dean? I could use your help," she says.


Tessa and Dean try to convince Cole to go with her.

In Cole's house, his mother is looking at his baby book. Cole is watching her as she cries. "Hey Cole." He jumps and turns around. Tessa and Dean are standing there. "Tell your brother, thanks for nothing," Cole says. "Look at her, Cole," Tessa says. "Do you see how unhappy she is?" "That's why I want to stay with her," he says. "As long as she can feel you, she'll be in pain. Cause she can't let go," Tessa says gently. "Because you won't let go of her." "Why won't anyone tell me what's on the other side?" Cole asks. "Maybe nobody wants to ruin the surprise," she says. Dean smirks a little. "That's not an answer," Cole says. "She won't answer you, Cole. Reapers never do," Dean says. "But trust me - staying here is a whole lot worse than whatever's over there." "Why?" he asks. "Because one day your family will be gone. And there'll be nothing left here for you," Dean says. "It's okay to be scared." "I'm not scared," Cole says quickly. "We're all scared," Dean says. "That's the big secret. We're all scared." "Are you coming?" Cole asks. "Oh, I'm sure I'll be there sooner than you think," Dean replies. Cole looks back one more time at his mother, then nods at Tessa and walks forward. She hugs him, and he disappears in a bright light. His mother looks up, as if feeling something different. "Look after that boy," Dean says to Tessa. "Look after yourself, Dean," she says. "What do you mean?" he asks. "I've been around death from the get-go. You know what I see most? Lies. He's in a better place. At least they're together now. You all lie to yourselves, Dean. Because like you said, deep down, we're all scared. Stop lying to yourself, Dean." "What?" he looks confused. "The angels have something good in store for you. A second chance. Really? Cause I'm pretty sure, deep down, you know something nasty's coming down the road. Trust your instincts, Dean. There's no such thing as miracles." "What're you saying?" Dean asks, but she disappears. He hears Pamela's voice speaking.

As she finishes speaking the incantation in Dean's ear, Sam helps her sit down. "Hey, we just gotta talk to Tessa, that's all, get her to hold off reaping until we get you better," he says. "I'm pretty sure she's started up again," Pamela says weakly, as blood begins flowing over her hand. Dean sits up with a gasp, and sees Pamela taking a drink from her flask, her hand over her stomach. "What happened?" he asks. "Dean, where's Tessa?" Sam asks. "She's..." Dean stops. "Pamela, I'm so sorry," Sam begins. "Stop," she says. "You don't deserve this," Sam says anyway. She chuckles humourlessly. "Yeah I don't. I told you I didn't want anything to do with this.

With her dying breath, Pamela whispers to Sam to reconsider his choices.

Do me a favour? Tell that bastard Bobby Singer to go to hell for ever introducing me to you two in the first place." She starts coughing painfully. "Take it easy, Pamela. If it's any consolation, you're going to a better place," Dean says. "You're lying," she says. "But what the hell, right? Everybody's gotta go sometime. Come here." She gestures at Sam, and he moves forward. "I know what you did to that demon, Sam," she whispers in his ear. "I can feel what's inside of you. If you think you have good intentions, think again." She starts coughing again, this time bringing up blood, then slowly dies. "Pamela?" Dean says. "Pamela! What did she say to you?" Sam says nothing.


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  • Tessa makes her second appearance.
  • Tessa restores Dean's memories of their first meeting back in season two's In My Time Of Dying.
  • Dean makes reference to the things Sam said in the last episode Sex and Violence.


  • Dean makes a reference to the movie "Ghost " with Demi Moore.


The end credits begin by dedicating Season 4 to director Kim Manners, (January 13, 1955 - January 25, 2009)


Featured MusicEdit

  • "Perfect Situation For A Fool" by George Highfill and Jai Josefs

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Dean references "House M.D." after Sam asks how he's doing after Dean is injured by Alastair.

  • "You want some aspirin?" "No thanks, House."

Pamela compares the ongoing demon-angel war to the socio-economic classes from "The Outsiders" while Dean and Sam ask her to help them travel the astral plane.

  • "I'm sick of being hauled back into your angel-demon, Soc-Greaser crap."


  • Dean: I'm so feeling up Demi Moore.

  • Sam: Police say Mr. Jenkins was shot in the heart at point blank range by a 9MM.
  • Dean: And he's not a doughnut?

  • Dean: You don't see the irony in that? I mean, you and me. We're like the poster boys of the unnatural order. All we do is ditch death.

  • Sam: I'm infected with demon blood. You've been to hell. Look, I know you want to think of yourself as Joe the Plumber, Dean, but you're not. Neither am I. Sooner you accept that the better off you're gonna be.
  • Dean: Joe the Plumber was a douche.

[Dean and Sam as ghosts, Dean stick arm through Sam's chest]

  • Dean: Am I making you uncomfortable?
  • Sam: Get out of me.
  • Dean: You're such a prude.

  • Tessa: You don't remember me?
  • Dean: Honestly if I had a nickel for every time a girl said that.
  • Tessa: You're the one that got away, Dean.
  • Dean: Are you trying to make a move on me?

International TitlesEdit

  • German: Der Tod macht Urlaub (Death takes a Holiday)


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