Magic can do anything, Samuel, can contain anything -- even the vast multitudes of Hell. (...) I can soak them up for a time if I pay the price. "Death Is an Infinite Vessel." A spell so simple it draws its power from its caster. Just two ingredients. (...) Because dear, the first ingredient is my own still-coursing blood. And the last is my final breath. (...) I'll absorb the ghosts and demons and return them to Hell. In time, my body will break down and they will be released right where they belong.
Rowena explans the spell to Sam.
in The Rupture

Death Is an Infinite Vessel is a spell that can be used to contain vast amounts of souls in the caster's body, but requires the sacrifice of their life to work. It's from the Book of the Damned.


While looking through the Book of the Damned after failing to strengthen the barrier, Rowena learned of this spell, one capable of containing even the multitude of souls and demons in Hell. Though she claimed not to have found anything, Rowena quickly closed the Book of the Damned rather than show Sam the spell.

When the plan to use Lilith's Crook to draw all of the souls and demons back to Hell failed, Rowena decided to cast this spell to draw them inside of her own body before using the rupture to travel to Hell. There the souls would remain trapped until Rowena's body broke down, releasing the souls right back where they belonged. At Rowena's request, Sam reluctantly mortally wounded Rowena with a knife to the abdomen. Rowena sucked in all of the escaped souls and demons before throwing herself into the closing rupture, sacrificing herself to trap them again.


Death Is an Infinite Vessel Spell

Rowena studies the spell in the Book of the Damned

The procedure is simple requiring that the caster only be mortally wounded to begin with no apparent incantation. Once the caster is mortally wounded, the souls and demons that are at the very least in the vicinity will be drawn into their body through the mortal wound. Once the caster is dead, the spell is complete and the souls become trapped in their body until it breaks down and releases them again. The spell is so powerful it can contain the vast multitudes of souls and demons in Hell inside of the caster's body.

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