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Heavier than it looks, isn't it?

Death's ring is a ring that, as a Horseman, Death wore. Unlike the other Horsemen's, taking off his ring did not hurt him at all, differentiating him from the rest.

When united with the other Horsemen's rings, it could open up a portal directly to Lucifer's Cage. Whoever wore this ring gains the power of Death as well. When Dean wore it, his strength was increased to that of the level of Death; he could become intangible, invisible, teleport and kill anything he touches.

The ring was destroyed with Death when he crumbled to dust upon Dean killing him with Death's Scythe.

After Billie became the new Death, she gained a new ring along with a new scythe. It was similar to the old ring, but had some differences such as the white stone being round instead of rectangular. When Billie was consumed by the Shadow, the ring was consumed along with her and her scythe.

When Betty was turned into the new Death by Lucifer, like Billie, she got a new ring and scythe. The ring was destroyed when Lucifer killed Betty.


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