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Death's own. Kills, golly, demons and angels and Reapers and, rumor has it, the very thing itself.
Crowley, about Death's Scythe
in Two Minutes to Midnight

Death's Scythe was a weapon owned by Death. It was one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. After being used to kill Death himself, it crumbled to dust. When Billie reappeared as the new incarnation of Death, she brandished a new scythe as did Betty.

Physical Appearance[]

The first time the scythe appeared, the instrument had a short, wooden handle and a black, rusted iron blade. Technically, this version is a sickle; a scythe has a longer handle and blade, as opposed to the fist-sized handle and the half-circle blade. When Death gives Dean his scythe in Brother's Keeper it appears more like the mythical version rather than the previously seen one.

When Billie became the new Death, a new scythe appeared in her possession with a long metal handle as opposed to the second version of the old scythe with a wooden handle.

Betty's scythe takes on a different shape than either Death's or Billie's, with a long wooden pole for a handle and a curved metal head.


  • Killing - Death's Scythe can kill any being in the universe, including horsemen, but not their attributes. The scythe is so powerful that even being slashed in the shoulder with it left Billie mortally wounded with her injury slowly festering. Her cut hand also also became withered.


Season 4[]

Alastair with Death's Scythe

Alastair attempts to kill a Reaper, Tessa, with Death's Scythe.

The scythe is first seen in the possession of the demon Alastair when he attempts to use it to kill two reapers in order to break one of the 66 Seals to release Lucifer from his cage in Hell. He notes that he "borrowed it from an old friend" who "doesn't really ride a pale horse, but he (Death) has three amigos, and they're just jonesin' for the Apocalypse!" After Alastair is taken into custody by the Angels, it is unclear what became of the scythe (though it would later resurface).

Season 5[]


The handheld scythe burns in Dean's hand before returning to its owner.

Having discovered Death's location in Chicago, Illinois while on a quest to retrieve the remaining rings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and return Lucifer to his cage in Hell, Dean Winchester is faced with getting Death's ring away from him against seemingly impossible odds (given Death's power). To help in this matter, Crowley reveals he is in possession of the scythe (having gotten hold of it through a crossroads deal) and gives it to Dean, telling him of its awesome power in the hope that it would give him a fighting chance against Death's power. However, when Dean tries to sneak up on Death in a pizzeria in Chicago, the scythe burns red-hot in his presence, forcing Dean to drop it. It vanishes and reappears on the table where Death is sitting, now returned to its master. Death thanks Dean for returning his scythe and then invites him to join him at the table to discuss the current situation of the Apocalypse being orchestrated by Lucifer.

Season 10[]

Death scythe 10

The scythe as seen in Season 10.

In Brother's Keeper, Death manifests a new scythe, full-length and with a wooden handle.

When Death provides a solution to banish Dean, corrupted by the Mark of Cain, Death insists that Dean kill Sam so that he cannot interfere. Death, who nearly reaped Sam a year earlier, claims he is owed and forfeits his scythe to allow Dean "give [him] the honor". Dean nearly kills Sam, but instead turns the scythe on Death himself, impaling him through the side with it, killing him. Death crumbles to dust as well as the scythe with him.

Season 13[]

In Advanced Thanatology, Billie appears to Dean as the new Death, along with her own scythe. Billie makes a reference to Dean using the previous scythe to kill the old Death, stating that she knows better than to leave her scythe within his reach.

Season 14[]

In Moriah, God complains about Billie always "poking her scythe where it doesn't belong" as opposed to the old Death.

After Jack's death, Billie appears in the Empty to talk to Jack, holding her scythe in one hand.

Season 15[]

In Galaxy Brain, Billie kills the reaper Merle by impaling her with the scythe from the side in punishment for failing to control Jack. Much like when Dean killed Death with his scythe, Merle disintegrates into ash.

In Unity, the Shadow, while torturing Sam, says "get your scythe down here Billie or your boy's toast."

In Despair, while examining Chuck's Death Book, Billie puts her scythe down against a table. Enraged by her betrayal and attempt to leave with Jack, Dean grabs it while Billie is distracted and swings the scythe at her. Billie manages to avoid a killing strike, but is wounded in the shoulder which begins glowing. Throwing Dean away with telekinesis, Billie is forced to flee without Jack, the book or her scythe.

Convinced that Billie is the one killing everyone, Dean goes after Billie with the scythe to kill her, eventually wounding her hand and pinning Billie to the wall with it. During this time, Dean states that he hadn't actually been trying to kill Billie when he wounded her previously. Billie reveals that Chuck was responsible not her and that Dean had mortally wounded her when Dean had slashed her shoulder with the scythe. Billie reveals that her shoulder wound is festering before disarming Dean of the scythe.

As Billie chases Dean and Castiel throughout the bunker, she tauntingly scrapes her scythe across the wall. When the Shadow absorbs Billie and drags her to the Empty, her scythe is absorbed as well.

In Inherit the Earth, after being turned into the new Death by Lucifer, Betty manifests a new scythe. This scythe once more takes on a different shape, with a long wooden pole for a handle and a curved metal head. It's unknown what happened to the scythe after Betty is killed by Lucifer as Betty didn't have it on her at the time.

Known Users/Owners[]



  • In Reading Is Fundamental, there was a scythe at Rufus's cabin that was identical to Death's Scythe.
  • Despite being in the possession of Hell during the ushering of the Apocalypse, the Scythe (along with The Colt) was only used offensively when Alastair killed a reaper with it.
  • Dean has successfully wielded the scythe against two incarnations of Death, killing the original Death with it and mortally wounding Billie.
  • Unlike the original Death, Billie is often seen carrying the scythe around with her.
  • In Advanced Thanatology, Billie comments that she knows to keep her scythe out of Dean's reach as he had killed the original Death with his scythe. In Despair, Billie makes the mistake of putting it down within Dean's reach, allowing him to turn the scythe on her.
  • It is currently unknown if Death's Scythe can kill even God since neither Billie nor the Winchesters intended to use it against him.